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#3125 - Thursday, April 3, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

Nonduality Highlights -     

In this issue a review of Michael Langford's The Most Direct and Rapid Means To Eternal Bliss. And an excerpt.    


by Michael Langford  

Langford says, "Awakening the extremely intense desire for Liberation is the most important first step that can be taken towards being liberated now in this lifetime."

Michael Langford is intense. Perhaps no one in our current times has provided a more intense, precise, and concentrated teaching.

The intensity of this book could awaken or uncover the intensity of your desire for enlightenment.

Michael even places scriptural values on the book: "This book is a new doorway for humanity." "There are more than fourteen hundred sentences in this book. Those sentences describe a very precise formula. If the formula is changed, the formula will usually no longer be effective."

This book could be your guru. No teacher is necessary other than this book and the methods described, Langford declares. Doing exactly what the author says could get you enlightened.

Michael spends a lot of time telling you to remove all distractions in your life and to hold only to your natural commitments: washing, eating, making a living, raising kids, etc. Michael doesn't tell you at what point brushing your teeth becomes an ego preservation strategy. However, that will become clear to you as you follow the practices.

By virtue of its intensity, commitment, declarations of greatness; by virtue of its precision and concentration of instruction, this book is scriptural in nature. That means it could have an immediate and great impact on the reader.    

Introduction and How To Read This Book  

1. For thousands of years humans have been stuck in the same pool of inward unsolved problems.  

2. Thousands of years ago humans had the problems of suffering, sorrow, anger, fear, violence, conning, cheating, lying, death, etc.  

3. Today humans have the problems of suffering, sorrow, anger, fear, violence, conning, cheating, lying, death, etc.  

4. All of those problems have a single cause.  

5. In this book the cause of the lack of progress and the solution that actually works is revealed.  

6. There is a secret, a missing link, a vicious circle, that is keeping humans stuck in the same pool of unsolved problems.  

7. That secret, that missing link, that vicious circle is revealed in this book.  

8. How to break free of that ancient human trap is also revealed in this book.  

9. The solutions taught in the past have failed.  

10. Not even one in a million humans has been freed from all suffering and been established in absolutely perfect infinite - eternal - awareness - love - bliss by the solutions that have been taught in the past.  

11. It is possible to be free of all sorrow and suffering and to experience absolutely perfect infinite eternal joy here and now in this lifetime.  

12. It is possible for all humans, not just a few humans.  

13. There is a rapid means to infinite bliss.  

14. That rapid means is taught in this book.  

15. The strategies the ego uses to avoid liberation and how to end those strategies are also revealed in this book.  

16. Whatever spiritual path you are on, this book will be a great help.  

by Michael Langford

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