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#3158 - Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

Nonduality Highlights -

The other day I met Dhyan Dewyea, author of Beyond the ‘I’: Notes on Waking Up to Oneness:

What’s left is always an impression, not so much the conversation or what was said, but the impress of ease, the smile that sparkles, the direct gaze undirected.

I don’t see where Dhyan is identified with the nondual trends or groups of current times. Of course, when you sit down with someone, everything is simpler.

Here is an excerpt from Dhyan’s book:

The End of Longing

This self realization is not just another nice, powerful, or intriguing state like some of the ones which can happen on the inner journey. It does not go away. This is why it is not a state, because a state can change into some other state. Being at source is the precondition for all states. States belong to the manifest person. The source precedes all manifestation and is the same undivided One that underlies everyone and everything, whether it is known or not.

All this amounts to a qualitative and distinct leap in perception; as if the perception is moved from the head to the feet for the first time. But the body and its operating systems, its personality features, may not change — awakening is not about change.

There are people who might say ‘you had a spiritual experience, good for you.’ No, this is not another experience in a long succession of life experiences. An experience implies that there is an experiencer and something that is experienced — it belongs to the level of duality. There is no experiencer and nothing experienced in this. The experiencing, the observing, the watching subject, all fall back into pure subjectivity (another term for source). There is no one there anymore to have an experience.

Beyond the ‘I’: Notes on Waking Up to Oneness:

Also visit Dhyan’s personal website:

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