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Highlights #317

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Hans and Dan; but seriously

Someone said that seriousness is a real disease and i think that is so.

Yes, humor is good, good humor especially good,
and taking things lightly is an art.
However, on the other hand...

"There are many here among us, who think that life is
but a joke"
Bob Dylan

and J. Krishnamurti often said (paraphrasing),
"Ask one question deeply, seriously, with
all your energy."

-- D. --

And he is right. And i add, look very seriously into a joke that hits you
like lightning, with all your energy.
I am serious, very serious.


D: Sounds good to me.
Laughing your head off,
along with all other parts
of your body,
Is very serious.

Quietly laughing
as the parade marches on,


Jerry and neo; acting or being

Dear Jerry

I think you said it in acting positive vs being positive. If you are
love, if that is your being, you are positive. Is the last statement
of these messages not positive?

love, neo

Yes. I think that's the confusion. In the workplace they
want people who act positive. That's what the masses want.
They can handle that. Everyone's an actor. To BE positive is
to be in touch with reality. The masses may think that such
a person is 'acting' negatively, because all they know is
acting. You either act positively or negatively in this
life. No one's allowed to be real, or truly positive. You
have to pretend to be positive.

I hope this doesn't sound too negative.



Gene and Melody; Giving up the Implant

M: Do we give it up by becoming it?

Gene: "I Am That". Already 'it'... and 'IT'.

M: Or is that simply a way of holding onto it?

"I Am That". Holder and held.

M: It has been a part of me so long,
I would feel empty without it.

"I Am That". Emptiness and fullness.

M: And that's the rub...isn't it?


Gene: Yes, indeed... that is the rub.

As I have discussed extensively, our 'identities' stem from
'agreements' (compromises) made during our PRE-VERBAL period of
development. As bizarre as these agreements tend to be, made between
infant and 'other', these bizarre agreements form the foundation of

Our initial agreements are the criteria which must be OBEYED as we
form all later agreements. Can you see how this is a virtual
guarantee of disaster?

Rooting out and feeling our initial agreements can be done. In my
'case', 15 years of psychotherapy actually was a big help. But that
is 'just what I did'. I am very grateful to be able to manifest an
'identity' other than that of a 2-year old.

To realize that there is no actual arbitrary qualifier, frees; any
criteria held by you is indeed, held by you. As someone pointed out
the other day... "the thoughts you think, are YOUR thoughts".

To take on choice itself is what is called for... and this means to
abandon 'choices'. Choice in this context is sheer possibility, which
includes 'everything and nothing'. This is freedom.

The authoritarian context of the world-dream offers only 'choices';
to seize CHOICE is your choice, and is what has been called 'the
choiceless choice', because when you consider it, it is the only
choice. In a manner of speaking!

Enjoying Choosing,

Choosing Enjoying,

==Gene Poole==

Gene; Heavy Nuggets

Panning for gold

Do you know
How to pan for gold?
A shovel of earth
Washed in a pan of water,

The skill of panning
Lies in patience
As agitation
Is the method;

What was muddy
Becomes clear
Sediments lift
And are poured out

Leaving only
The heaviest materials
Now exposed
To view;

What is persistent
Is the most valuable
Both in content
And in habit,

Gold is found in the pan,
Proper panning is gold;
Value lies not only in product,
But also in process.

==Gene Poole==


Terry, musing


As I was driving home for lunch I was considering the concept of love,
and of the pleasure we take in love, and the concept of consciousness. The
hindus speak of the identity of love, bliss, and consciousness, in the term
*satchitananda*. The experience of enlightenment may be explained as an
insight which allows us to realize the identity of love, bliss and
Consciousness, or awareness, is generally not realized to be bliss, or
love. It is easy to associate bliss and love, because we expect to feel
really good when we feel love. When you think about, though, you may
realize that love is caring, and caring can be painful when those we care
for are suffering; this is called compassion. When we suffer with those we
love, as we care for ourselves when we are in pain, we may not think of love
as pleasant; love can hurt, too.
Similarly, consciousness may be 'stained' or 'defiled' by
identification with the contents of consciousness, the impressions
(*samskaras*, to the buddhist). For example, if we are conscious of pain,
we may feel that consciousness is a painful business.
Thus, love and awareness may regarded as painful or hurtful, rather
than blissful, or joyous.
The spiritual worker - and it is in this sense that discipline comes
into practice (or play) - wants to realize the blissfulness of love and
consciousness, and to free all beings from suffering. This is a process of
realization (insight) and purification (practice).
Realization may sought from teaching, from reading scripture and of the
words and lives of the saints, and by the practice of meditation or
comtemplation. Purification is a constant process of using our awareness
(or faith) to increase awareness (or love). When love or consciousness
appears to cause suffering, it is a matter of attachment (or clinging). The
basic insight that love, consciousness and bliss are one at the root needs
to be held in faith and practiced by seeing through attachments. Pain is a
fleeting sensation, as is pleasure; the bliss of love and consciousness is a
constant thing, always there underlying everything, the Ground of reality,
the empty void in which all apparent things take place.
You may note the utter simplicity of this, as one term after another is
demonstrated to be an identity. (The numerology of the I Ching is to the
same end. 10,000 = 64 = 8 = 3 = 2 = 1 = 0.)

aloha, terry

Dan; Say It

It's clear that words are not
able to carry the knowing
that is more than words
can carry.

Nothing that is said about it
ever gives it.
There is an ultimate, a final,
a real - and it isn't
anywhere else or anybody else.

It's much more than can
ever be said -- it's as if
every poem, every work of
art, every philosophy,
every religion is
trying to show it, trying
to say it - and falling short.

So, if we fall short here,
it's no surprise.

Attempt to say it -
On your deathbed -
with your last breath --
speak it!

It is better to do
your best than to
pass on the only
thing that matters.

-- Dan --

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