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#3175 - Friday, May 23, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

Nonduality Highlights - 

photo: The White Guru


This is one of the few photographs of the Zen Master, known as the White Guru. He prefers to remain hidden, somewhere in the Kullu Valley, and says that finding him is the first step for the aspiring devotee.  

The AmberRose Nisargadatta Zen Spiritual Retreat is set in idyllic surroundings, amid wooded hills and snow-capped mountains, a place to relax, to discover your self, and enjoy the presence of an enlightened being.

The White Guru is an enigma.

His place, and time, of birth is unknown, and, when asked, he replies “What is this 'I' or ‘I am’? Its source has no beginning, exists everywhere, has no ending. What else is there to know?”

All that is known of him is that he is a Westerner, one of the few remaining direct disciples of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, but refuses to make any particular claims for himself.

He says “I am often asked ‘does being one of the few remaining disciples of Sri Nisargadatta Marharaj, make you feel responsible for propagating the teachings of the Navnath Sampradaya, and continuing the work of Sri Nisagadatta Marharaj?

“I say no. The Navnath Sampradaya is only a tradition, a way of teaching and practice. There are many traditions, and ways of teaching, and practices.

“In reality, there are no gurus, no disciples, no teachers, no students, no teaching, no learning.

"There is only what, or who, you believe yourself to be, and what, or who, you really are”

His ‘being’ is best described in the words of Maurice Frydman, in “I Am That”, from talks by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“This timeless being is the source of both life and consciousness. In terms of time, space, and causation, it is all powerful, being the causeless cause, all pervading, eternal, in the sense of being beginningless, endless and ever-present. Uncaused, it is free, all pervading, it knows, undivided, it is happy. It lives, it loves, and it has endless fun, shaping and reshaping the universe. Everyone has it, everyone is it, but not all know themselves as they are, and therefore identify themselves with the name and shape of their bodies and the contents of their consciousness”

His ‘methods” are also best described in the same volume:

“Everyone has their own way to reality, and there can be no general rule. But, for all, the gateway to reality, by whatever road one arrives at it, is the sense of ‘I am’. It is through grasping the full import of the ‘I am’, and going beyond it to its source, that one can realize the supreme state”

The AmberRose Nisargadatta Zen Spiritual Retreat is neither an ashram nor a school – it is the ‘home’ of the physical form of the White Guru, has three floors, but only two in use at this time, and five bedrooms, set in idyllic surroundings, amid wooded hills and snow-capped mountains, in the Kullu Valley.

Until recently, there was not even a sign outside the house, to help the seeker find it. Now there is, owing to pleas from devotees, but, still, it is not easy to find, and, those who do, find the causes of their pain, discard them, and discover their true nature, not being ‘this, or that, here, or there’, but their timeless, ever-present, being.

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Photo: Swamiji at front of house

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