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#3208 - Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee
Nonduality Highlights

An art writer was giving a lecture at the monastery.

"Art is found in a museum," he said, "But beauty is found
everywhere - in the air, on the ground, all over the place, free for the taking, with no name attached to it."

"Exactly like spirituality," said the Master the following day when he was alone with his disciples.  "Its symbols are found in the
museum called a temple, but its substance is everywhere, free for
the taking, unrecognized, with no name attached to it."

       -- Anthony de Mello, S.J.
  posted to The_Now2  


Life and death as nirvana.

Don't be picky, don't choose this or that.
However comfortable your life is,
right now at this moment,
I know some of you have pain.

Whatever painful situation you are involved in,
consider that as the very life of the Buddha,
the very state of nirvana itself,
and be it.

Just live that life.

It doesn't matter whether it is

life of hell,
life of the hungry ghost,
life of the animal.

It's okay.

Just live that life, see.

And as matter of fact,
no other way.

Where you stand,
where you are

that's what your life is

right there,
regardless of how painful it is,
or how enjoyable it is.

That's what it is.

That condition never continues forever.

You can even say it changes completely

in less than a second.

This life, death.



-- Taizan Maezumi

posted by Bob O'Hearn

Q: Is that how I can live in peace?

Karl: What you are is prior to any kind of peace or conflict.  You're prior to every sensation, perception, or concept.  Everything appears and disappears within you.  Longing and seeking are part of these appearances, too.  You don't need fulfillment of any type of seeking t be what you are.  For this, nothing has to come and nothing has to go.  You yourself are the fulfillment you seek.

P. 99 -  The Myth of Enlightenment - Karl Renz 

posted toWisdom-l by Mark Scorelle

  Eternal Now
Meher Baba

Life is not meant to be rich in spiritual
significance at some distant date, but it
can be so at every moment if the mind is
disburdened of illusions.Only through a
clear and tranquil mind is the true nature
of spiritual infinity grasped -- not as
something that is yet to be but that already
has been, is, and ever will be eternal Self-
fulfillment. When every moment is rich with
eternal significance, there is neither the
lingering clinging to the dead past nor a
longing expectation for the future but an
integral living in the eternal Now. Only
through such living can the spiritual infinity
of the Truth be realized in life.

It is not right to deprive the present of all
importance by subordinating it to an end in the
future. For this means the imaginary accumulation
of all importance in the imagined future rather
than the perception and realization of the true
importance of everything that exists in the
eternal Now. There cannot be an ebb and flow in
eternity, no meaningless intervals between
intermittent harvests, but a fullness of being
that cannot suffer impoverishment for a single
instant. When life seems to be idle or empty,
it is not due to any curtailment of the infinity
of the Truth but to one's own lack of capacity
to enter into its full possession....

Spiritual life is not a matter of quantity but
of inherent quality of living.Spiritual infinity
includes in its scope all phases of life. It
comprises acts that are great as well as acts
that are small. Being greater than the greatest,
spiritual infinity is also smaller than the
smallest; and it can equally express itself
through happenings irrespective of whether they
are outwardly small or great. Thus a smile or
a look stands on the same level as offering one's
life for a cause, when the smile or the look
springs from Truth-consciousness.

There are no gradations in spiritual importance
when all life is lived in the shadow of Eternity.
If life were to consist only of big things and
if all the little things where to be omitted from
its scope, it would not only be finite but would
be extremely poor. The infinite Truth, which is
latent in everything, can reveal itself only when
life is seen and accepted in its totality.

DISCOURSES, pp. 118-119


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