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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3212, Sunday, June 29, 2008, Editor: Mark

Once you know with absolute certainty that nothing can trouble you but your own imagination, you come to disregard your desires and fears, concepts and ideas, and live by truth alone.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

Spontaneity is the essence of all natural action. In natural action the focus of interest remains neither in the past nor in the future but in the present moment, the still point of the turning world.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, from A Net of Jewels, posted to AlongTheWay

You cannot be happy unless you are serving the truth of your being, however that service looks.

- Gangaji

In discourse, negation is used in order to affirm:
stop negating and begin affirming.
Come, stop saying "this is not" and "that is not":
bring forward that One who has Real Being.
Put aside negation and worship only that Real Being.

- Rumi, Mathnawi VI: 640-642, version by Camille and Kabir Helminski, Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance, posted to Sunlight

Out of Necessity

Love: a blaze.
Your fears: damp
kindling. You cannot resist
throwing them in, one
by one, gazing.

Bold one, quaking
one--you long
for me. It is nothing
personal. Your deepest
winks back from
my depths, reflected.

Resting in the blaze
of being, know this: Love
cannot be taken
from you. Loved
always, loving
always, I am not loving
I am Love,
out of necessity, completing
a circle.

Jeannie Zandi, from her website:

All the True Vows

All the true vows
are secret vows
the ones we speak out loud
are the ones we break.

There is only one life
you can call your own
and a thousand others
you can call by any name you want.

Hold to the truth you make
every day with your own body,
don't turn your face away.

Hold to your own truth
at the center of the image
you were born with.

Those who do not understand
their destiny will never understand
the friends they have made
nor the work they have chosen

nor the one life that waits
beyond all the others.

By the lake in the wood
in the shadows
you can
whisper that truth
to the quiet reflection
you see in the water.

Whatever you hear from
the water, remember,

it wants you to carry
the sound of its truth on your lips.

in this place
no one can hear you
and out of the silence
you can make a promise
it will kill you to break,

that way you'll find
what is real and what is not.

I know what I am saying.
Time almost forsook me
and I looked again.

Seeing my reflection
I broke a promise
and spoke
for the first time
after all these years

in my own voice,

before it was too late
to turn my face again.

- David Whyte, from The House of Belonging

Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive. Jump into
experience while you are alive! Think... and think... while
you are alive. What you call 'salvation' belongs to the time
before death.

If you don't break your ropes while you're alive, do you
think ghosts will do it after? The idea that the soul will join
with the ecstatic just because the body is rotten - that is all
fantasy. What is found now is found then. If you find
nothing now, you will simply end up with an apartment in
the City of Death. If you make love with the divine now, in
the next life you will have truth, find out who the Teacher
is, Believe in the Great Sound.

Kabir says this: When the Guest is being searched for, it is
the intensity of the longing for the Guest that does all the

Look at me and you will see a slave of that intensity.

- Kabir

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