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#3214 - Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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The first and last articles are basically on "doing nothing" and in between is a piece by Vicki Woodyard which might be about 'nothing doing.'



DOING NOTHING: Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search

by Steven Harrison

Reviewed by Rodney Stevens

In his lively introduction, Harrison (who resides in Boulder, Colorado) tells us how he "left the security of an Ivy League university...and sought out every mystic, seer, and magician I could find."  He spent "long periods in India and the Himalayas searching, contemplating, being," and finally finding--after years of frustration--that "it was all useless."

Then, in a calm moment of self-enquiry, he discovered that it was him as a seeker that was causing his discord. He saw that the "very grasping for an answer" was taking him away from any marginal peace that he may have been occasionally experiencing. Shortly thereafter, Harrison's apparent "me" passed into "the vastness, the magic" that was his own, ever-present awareness.

In this handsome and penetrating collection of 20-plus essays, Harrison speaks passionately about various aspects of that vastness. The chapters include "The Collapse of Self," "Language and Reality," "The Crisis of Change," "Teachers: Authority, Fascism, and Love," "The Nature of Thought," and "Health, Disease, and Aging."

The chapter entitled "The Myth of Enlightenment" deserves an extended quote. The slashes are meant to indicate a new paragraph in the original text: "We will spend a great deal of time looking for this enlightenment. But looking is useless, because it is not there./We can sit on cushions facing walls, dance in ecstasy, pray, chant. We can travel the world looking for this enlightenment. We can find the greatest of gurus and the most secret doctrines. It is useless.../Enlightenment is a myth because the self is a myth."

The author has also penned the very fine What's Next After Now?: Post-Spirituality and the Creative LIfe (Sentient Publications, 2005). For Harrison, the expression "post-spirituality" points (and justly so) to presence itself. And once that presence is recognized, you see how clear and creative you life can truly be.

DOING NOTHING can be ordered directly from the publisher
( )   or at the following Amazon link:


Rodney Stevens--who lives in Columbia, South Carolina and who awakened through the books of John Wheeler--can be contacted for talks and workshops at:
[email protected]

Wave If You Love Water


is like endless billboards

in the desert

announcing a desert

up ahead

without billboards

-Jerry Katz

Jerry’s little gem led me to wonder why the sea doesn’t label its waves.
Or why it doesn’t get a computer and take a screen shot of itself. Okay,
so we humans are stuck with tasks like that. Doesn’t make us entirely
creative, does it. Makes us repetitive and as clingy as Saran.

If the sea doesn’t bother to label its waves, why are we so concerned
with the family tree. It should be a banana tree, by the way, because we
are all bananas. And not top ones.

Why doesn’t the wind name its own hurricanes? Is the wind so lazy it
can’t make time for that....does it have to leave it to NOAA. Who knew
the wind was so indifferent. We humans are precise, yet we are as
unpredictable as the wind’s storms. We have our own; they are called moods.

I have gotten far from the diatribe at hand. Why doesn’t the sea label
its waves. It must know something humans never learned. That things
happen....that water makes waves that don’t always wave hello.

If we are akin to waves on the ocean, can we just experience life as
water and not bother to create meaningful lives as waves. The great ones
tell us we can. They tell us we can lean back and let life catch
us....or not.

Schools of fish are just as smart as Harvard grads, just in a different
way. They don’t wear scales with designer labels or have drunken
reunions to celebrate where they cerebrated. When they flip people off,
they don’t even think about it. It comes naturally.

If I were a wave on the ocean, I would just drink it all in. An ocean is
its own wet bar, after all. I wouldn’t bother to pin a nametag on
myself. Hi, I’m Wave One Billion and Six. But then again, what do I
know. I’m only human.

Vicki Woodyard Waving Hello is a new and very good website featuring videos on consciousness subjects. The founder, Iain McNay, manages a record company that was well known in the UK in the '80's. I'm watching an interview with U.G. Krishnamurti. There's a little bit of self-satisfaction and vulnerability combined with warmth and quiet humor that U.G. wears well and gives some humanity to his stark words.

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