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#3255 - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Today is the tenth anniversary of Nonduality Salon list, which gave birth to the Highlights some nine years ago.

To celebrate we feature contributions from long time Saloner, Yosy, who just got out of the hospital with a stroke-like condition. Yosy is often quoted in the Highlights. Today you'll read one of this poems and then two letters he wrote about his physical challenges, all offered in the atmosphere of living joy. Thanks for being here Yosy.

The blue hole dive 1972

beckoned me softly
and i followed.
but then
it smiled, saying:
do not rush, my dear.
anyway, your corpse is mine
and keeps on dying
all the time!
but you are not.
unborn, boundless,
how can you die?
wake up, my friend
and return to the surface.
there is no "i"!


Letter 1, written several years ago:

about eleven years ago i had a central nerve system
injury (due to penetration of nitrogen bubbles, result
of damage accumulated from years of deep-sea diving)
which in effect caused paralysis from the neck down. the
hardest job i did in my life was to move my big toes. it
took two weeks to accomplish; but when it succeeded i
told skeptical doctors (who explained that dead nerves
do not regenerate) that everything will work, if the
orders get through from the 'highest' to the 'lowest'
extreme... it took me long time to accomplish, (i
must've grew bypasses lol) but for quite a long time now
(in spite of being officially 100% handicapped) my body
functions fully, though slow and within limits (and i
walk with a big stick lol). ((-: well, to be honest,
appearances mislead - the sensory system is all messed
up, there is a constant extreme parethic pain in most of
the body, the digestive system is totally screwed up,
etc; but it does not show :-)). the doctors consider it
"a medical miracle" - lol... but isn't all life a

Letter 2, written today as a response to Inky:

hehehe wonders never cease... my presnt (body) condition
is more or less the same, further complicated a year ago
by a "total septic system collapse" as a doctors
described it, which kept me hospitalized on-off for
several weeks, most of it under sedation and in
intensive care (some of the preseny may remeber). i
returned gradually to almost full activity, though
within increased limits. and then... BOOM! a week ago,
without a slightest warning, i instantly lost ability
talk. to make log story short, within moments concerned
family and friends had me trasported by an ambulance to
hospital... how wonderfully amazing is this lorious
creation, the human brain! all kept working perfectly,
with full clarity. but i could produce no intelligible
sounds at all... lol so i obviously culdn't explain
verbally that all is well. the doctors run whole range
of tests - ct, mri, eecf, etc, etc - the works. it was
found out that is was tiny clot in the brain that blew a
few connnections. and besides some problems with the old
pomp (heart). in short they kept me hospitalized in
neurology department a week, until today, communicating
mostly by writing, and freeding me all kinds of funny
colorful tiny globules of various sizes with tongue
twisting latin names, "medicines". western magic, huh?
aparently it works... never mind, i met few very nice
people, patients and personel, and have no complaints.
and i started stubbornky learning to talk from the
beginning. all find it quite amusing... i returned home
this evning, along with the whole collction of pills and
exact instructions what to take and when. :) my beloved
spouse took upon herself the responsibility of making
sure i do take them... well, "men rule the world. women
rule men" as my beloved dad used to say. wow! what an
amazing experience! life...

that's the reason to my absence (if anybody noticed...
my presence is not that important lol)

dear inky, friends, i wish all the best of health -
always. oh, inky luv, i do have a nice collection of
walking stics. but use only my favorite hand carved
african ebony one. though have many favorites - each
stick is a whole tale.

:) BOOM!

_()_ yosy

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