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#3286 - Thursday, September 11, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -     

The following is an excerpt from Fall Issue 2008, Journal Notes From William Samuel & Friends, published by his literary executor, Sandy Jones.  

The selection is from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  

You may read the entire Journal, order books, CDs and DVDs of William Samuel at:  

Sandy Jones is a fine person doing a true labor of love to keep alive the contributions of William Samuel.   Keep in mind that Samuel was speaking to people of the 60s, 70s, 80s. He couldn't deliver bolts of pure nonduality to his Western audience. At the same time he was not a mighty guru using his intelligence and psyche to create a magnet in order to attract and hold onto people. But he lives on and no is put off by him, I don't think.      


by William Samuel  

Why does Identity appear dual in nature? That is, why the "real" Identity and the facsimile who struggles with ego and the like? Why the Real and the one in the world that fools us so? Why the one atop Da Shan and the other on the slopes? If God is All in all and omnipotent, why not one identity to start with, pure, perfect, made in the image of God? Why the second man, made of the elements of the earth? Religion stopped trying to answer this question in the first century of Christianity.  

Metaphysics has given no practical answer whatever. The body of this book will answer that ancient enigma to the satisfaction of scientist and philosopher alike.  

First, understand that the Genuine Identity, the Soul of us, the Child of us, is that one atop the Mountain, unbound by time and space, residing in the heart of Godhead beyond Name and, simultaneously, everywhere on Da Shan-not unlike the simple photon which, moving at the speed of light, is virtually everywhere in space nearly simultaneously. That is the genuine (and only) Identity (Image of God-Self) as God made it.  

Our time on Da Shan, perhaps many linear lifetimes-certainly nearly eleven thousand years in the present experience-is our "descent into matter" or "into hell" as it is spoken of theologically. That is, it is the time of learning via contradistinction. It is the accumulation of conscious knowledge wherein the experiences on Da Shan allow one to comprehend and fully appreciate the wonders of Ineffability and the rediscovery of the Original Identity.  

This embodied, human struggler is the "second" identity, the one apparently bound to time and space, destined to measure tangibility to its limits in his quest for the Original. The second identity, arising after the mist, is man's tendency to forget his birthright, moving away from God toward selfness-into ego and multiplicity. As the Tree of Life prepares to bloom and seed, there will be a universal reversal of this tendency. We find the Child still alive and untouched within us. We begin the conscious return to the Father's house, Light beyond light.  

Our difficult times on Da Shan bring our appeals to Ineffability, God, for deliverance and salvation. Who doesn't turn to God when he's starving or when his life is threatened? The Entity, the "angel" nearest us-beside the Ineffable Itself-always present, ever listening to us and knowing our condition and thoughts, is the Original Child of Us, awaiting that call, eager to answer, capable of taking us through the monstrous metaphysical mazes of our own making.  

Our experiences on Da Shan are exactly what is necessary to bring us Knowledge, thence to exchange the personal sense, the climber's role, for the Child. Every step we make consciously up the mountain, we are less the climber and more the Child, until, atop Da Shan with the world under our feet, we have consciously "returned" to the Child of God, this time KNOWING our heritage.  

There, which is right here where the struggler reads these words, we encompass all the world at once (subjectively) and become the NO-PLACE, NO-THING where the Ineffable flows through to tangibilty and becomes our new, subjective world; and where the world's tangible essences return to Ineffability. We become the NO-Place, NO-Thing, Way, the DOOR between Ineffability and the world.

This is what Pure Life has always been, the exchange point, the midpoint between Above and Below, Outside and Inside, First and Last, Male and Female, Spirit and Matter.  

It is metaphysical folly to lay claim to Identity who isn't a climber without making the paradoxical climb in linear time.  


By  William Samuel     

From "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  

You may read the entire Journal, order books, CDs and DVDs of William Samuel at:

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