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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#3290 - Monday, September 15, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee

Nonduality Highlights

The Wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj      

"The very idea of going beyond the dream is illusory. Why go
anywhere? Just realize that you are dreaming a dream you call the
world, and stop looking for ways out. The dream is not your problem.
Your problem is that you like one part of your dream and not another.
Love all, or none of it, and stop complaining. When you have seen
the dream as a dream, you have done all that need be done."      

~   ~   ~  

"Your own self is your ultimate teacher. The outer teacher is merely
a milestone. It is only your inner teacher that will walk with you to
the goal, for he is the goal."

from A Net of Jewels  


Don't Depend on External Conditions

Have no regard for conducive or adverse conditions, strong or weak health, wealth or poverty, good or bad reputation, troubles or absence of troubles. If conducive conditions come about, train the mind right then. If conducive conditions are not present, then work on the two bodhicittas right then. In a word, don't be concerned with your situation or other factors; never let go of your practice of mind training.

From The Great Path of Awakening : An Easily Accessible Introduction for Ordinary People by Jamgon Kongtrul, translated by Ken McLeod


"After meditation, I was always surprised that people would talk about how it felt to them, their experiences and reactions, what brought it up.  To me, there was a sense that what is worth talking about was still here. It was there in meditation and it was still here.  There was an aliveness here.  For them, on or off the cushion, there was a separation.  That was gone for me.  Everything was meditation."

Everyday Enlightenment, seven stories of awakening
Sally Bongers
Non-Duality Press 2008

posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle


Vijali Hamilton creates stunning sacred art that emerges organically from the earth — environmental sculpture carved in hillsides and mountaintops. Her work hearkens back to the great works of art of pre-history, honoring our rootedness in the earth.

As Vijali travels all over the world to create her work, she interacts with indigenous cultures and traditions, often helping to establish sister projects to establish sustainable local economies and encourage peaceful political dynamics.

The world became my studio. I was a pilgrim who made offerings and gave voice and form to the spirit of the earth and the people I met along the way. I kept expanding the borders of what sculpture was, what art was, integrating it more and more into life itself – the people around me; their problems their hopes, their dreams of the future. I saw that at the root of these problems is the misunderstanding of ourselves as separate, isolated beings needing to exploit the earth and each other for our gain. This dualistic way of thinking is the direct cause of our ecological and social problems which is rapidly leading us toward global disaster.

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