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#3298 - Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -  

Vicki Woodyard

You're better off if you know certain people, and, for me, Vicki's one of those people.

Vicki has the gift of showing us our heartbreak and our natural state.

Out of crushing heartbreak, most people would run from God. Vicki "ran to" God, or Self. Not as an escape, not to deny that any heartbreak ever happened, but to go deeper into the darkness.

These talks last five minutes each:

Listen to "An Important Talk." Reclaiming the power of your inner world, of your inner wisdom. Honoring one's limits and losses rather than overcoming them. In that honoring we are brought to our knees and we recognize the one truth. One of the great source teachings of VW.

Listen to "Zits, Incorporated" Vicki mixes silliness, the nuts of bolts of life, death, and real reality. "With zits and gas, I think it's time to start dating again."

Listen to "The Voice Inside" "The inner voice is unerringly right. ... The world lies to us. This voice is the voice of your guidance."

Listen to "It's About the Music." "I knew that my daughter was gone, but I knew that God was not gone. So I set on a path of inner discovery. This path is never ending. But for some of us it is music."

Here's a new writing from Vicki:

All the ego can give us is "upset." Those who say otherwise haven't
looked at themselves long enough. Why is it, then, that nothing ever
changes from the ego's POV? It still has hope of making it in this
world. So the pain continues.

I am busily at work making five-minute MP3’s. I don’t let myself know
what spirit will say. I just push “Record” and launch into the words
arising from source. Sometimes they seem unimportant; in that case,
maybe the energy is what you are supposed to access. Actually, that is
the case at all times. Everything comes down to energy; and we all know
the difference between good and bad. Between healthy and unhealthy.
Between what serves us and what doesn’t serve us. The trick is to say
yes to what heals and no to what doesn’t. This is a lifelong question
and yields no easy answers.

I learned the importance of saying No from Vernon Howard. Every emphatic
no to sleep is a vote for awakening. Society can give us nothing but
trouble-all reports to the contrary. The beauty of awakening is that it
returns us to Sender! We are thrown back on ourselves. This can feel
like hell, but is the beginning of heaven.

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