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#3305 - Tuesday, September 30, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Maurizio Benazzo of NetiNeti Films, invites you to a "A workshop with Stephen Wolinsky." Details are given. Also, watch videos of Stephen on YouTube, posted by Neti Neti:  

Also in this issue, notice of two new DVDs from Non-Duality Press, one featuring Dr. Jean Klein from 1989 and the other featuring Jeff Foster from 2008. They are each speaking to their audience of the day, which means including information that the people of the time can identify with.  

Finally, an article selected from the September, 2008 Nowletter of, featuring quotations from the writings of Edward Carpenter, a nondualist and gay activist who died in 1929.    

    "A workshop with Stephen Wolinsky"

Oct 20th to Oct 27th 2008

in Aptos, Santa Cruz, California

Reserve your place now!

Only 3 spaces available...

The next workshop will be an eight days workshop, five hours daily, from October 20nd to October 27th 2008

The workshop will be held at Rio Sands in Aptos California, a small cozy hotel 100 yards from the beach.

Rates for the 8 days May workshop are:

$ 695 if received in full by July 27th 2008

$ 795 after that

Unless you sent me a deposit, full payment or we had specific arrangements/agreements, I will not be able to secure a place for the workshop.

A reminder: for this workshop registration we have only been able to use Paypal or checks/money orders.

To register, go here:

Ciao, Maurizio


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  Further notes on this Workshop:   Hotel and meals are not included...  Aptos is closer to San Jose airport but SFO is only 30/40 minutes further from San Jose...
There are shuttles/buses and/or you can rent a car...

To attend you must be familiar with "I am That" (the book by Sri Nisargadatta maharaj) and the 3 (now 4) DVD's of Stephen... To read about the DVDs, please visit
Our "fear" is that people shows up and have no clue about what we'll be talking about so to slow up the entire group... :-)

If you watched teh DVD's and find them interesting but wish to get deeper into  "it" that is the place...

Basically: "If you wish to get a better job, more money, better relashionship... this is NOT the place... If you wish to understand who you really
are... this is the place because, if you are REALLY lucky you'll prossibly get NOTHING out of the workshop..."

That should be a good enough definition of what we'll be doing... :-)

Atmosphere is light, open, casual and very entertaining (I know... it's bizzarre but that has been the mood so far...).

So far well over 70% of the participants at each workshop has signed up for the next workshop on the spot... and the next workshop is EXACTLY as the one they just attended... …I guess they got "nothing" out of it... :-)
-Maurizio   To register, go here:    


Discovering the Current of Love
Jean Klein

Yoga teacher Lilias Folan interviews Jean Klein with basic and practical questions about the search for truth and the direct path as well as questions about Jean’s own background.

This DVD is a welcome introduction for those who know little of Jean and a warm, joyful reminder for people already familiar with his approach.

You can watch a 10 minute preview of the film on Youtube here:

Originally released in 1989. 60 mins. Worldwide DVD format. Excellent audio quality. Chapter breaks after each set of questions. There is a slight blurring at the very bottom of the frame which was present in the master copy that we used.

14.00 / $28.00

Order from


Oneness Meeting Itself
A Meeting with Jeff Foster

Aptos, California. July 1st 2008

A new DVD of a meeting with Jeff Foster in California with a 40 minute introductory talk followed by questions and answers. 1 hour 30 minutes duration.

1. All Happens Effortlessly
2. Oneness is meeting Itself
3. A Plunge into the Unknown
4. Question 1. Mind Plays a Role?
5. Question 2. Is Suffering Optional?
6. Question 3. Is Depression Physiological?
7. Question 4. Remove the Sense of Me?
8. Question 5. Child Must Have Ego

A ten minute segment is on YouTube at

14.00 / $28.00

Order from



The following is extracted from the September, 2008, Nowletter, from

Quotations from Edward Carpenter’s writings relevant to ‘’ Who am I? ‘from Alan Rowlands

(Alan sent these extracts from Edward Carpenter’s writing following a day we spent together in Sydney a couple of years ago. They were filed for inclusion in the NOWletter but I misplaced them. There is a comprehensive Wikipedia biography of Edward Carpenter at  from which I extracted the paragraph inset below.Ed.)

Edward Carpenter (29 August 1844 – 28 June 1929) was an English socialist poet, anthologist, early gay activist and socialist philosopher.

A leading figure in late 19th- and early 20th-century Britain, he was instrumental in the foundation of the Fabian Society and the Labour Party. A poet and writer, he was a close friend of Walt Whitman and Rabindranath Tagore, corresponding with many famous figures such as Annie Besant, Isadora Duncan, Havelock Ellis, Roger Fry, Mahatma Gandhi, James Keir Hardie, J. K. Kinney, Jack London, George Merrill, E D Morel, William Morris, E R Pease, John Ruskin, and Olive Schreiner..[1]

As a philosopher he is particularly known for his publication of Civilisation, its Cause and Cure in which he proposes that civilisation is a form of disease that human societies pass through. Civilisations, he says, rarely last more than a thousand years before collapsing, and no society has ever passed through civilisation successfully. His 'cure' is a closer association with the land and greater development of our inner nature. Although derived from his experience of Hindu mysticism, and referred to as 'mystical socialism', his thoughts parallel those of several writers in the field of psychology and sociology at the start of the twentieth century, such as Boris Sidis, Sigmund Freud, and Wilfred Trotter who all recognised that society puts ever increasing pressure on the individual that can result in mental and physical illnesses such as neurosis, and the particular nervousness which was then described as neurasthenia.

A strong advocate of sexual freedom, living in a gay community near Sheffield, he had a profound influence on both D H Lawrence and E M Forster.

Quotations from Carpenter’s Towards Democracy:

To you the whole universe is given for a garden of delight (p15)

See! you are in prison, and I can give you space (p16)

I can make you a king and show you all the lands of the earth…and from yourself to yourself I can deliver you (p17)

From that day forward objects turn round upon themselves with an exceedingly innocent air, but are visibly not the same (p18)

Surely it is enough to be here -- and always to be Here (p35)

Behind your masks I am aware of an imperceptible change: surely it must be the appearance of a Face (p59)

When your body -- for to this it must inevitably return -- is become shining and transparent… (p80)

Out of Night and Nothingness a Body appears (p82)

I do not turn you back from self-seeking; on the contrary I know that you shall never rest till you have found your Self (p88)

I -- who write -- translate for you these thoughts: I wipe a mirror and place it in your hands…. I bring you to your own, to take or leave for a while as it pleases you best. I have perfect faith in you. And can wait: the whole of Time is before me (p94)

I am the cream-coloured ox with mild eyes, and I am the driver who curses and goads it; I am the lover and the loved -- I have lost and found my identity (p244)

Old age, old age? -- No! only there outside. Here where I am ‘tis everlasting youth (p270)

But I alone remain -- I do not change. As space spreads everywhere, and all things move and change within it, but it moves not nor changes, So I am the space within the soul… (p280)

For the ‘I’ neither desires nor fears anything, but is free and in everlasting glory, dwelling in heaven and pouring out joy like the sun on all sides (p283)

Here in the great tumultuous city, or again in the far woods among the oak-boles and foxgloves, The far floating ever-haunting shimmer of uncaught beauty: I recognise that in all and everywhere it is the same: Somehow to hold and have this in oneself -- This light and everlasting space… (p385)

Like one in the calm that is the centre of a cyclone -- guarded by the very tornado around -- Undisturbed, yet having access equally to every side, I drink of the deep well of rest and joy, And sit with all the gods in Paradise (p387)

Quotations from the Prose Writings:

Near the surface the self is very definite and constructive in this or that direction; it is limited in its aims and
operations…. At the centre it is neither this nor that, because it is All. It vanishes from sight because it has
become the Whole ( My Days and Dreams p 304-5 )

I find at the age of seventy that I am getting nearer to that place in the centre where nothing exists and yet all
is done … (My Days and Dreams p 307, referring to Lao-tsze ‘The thirty spokes of a carriage-wheel uniting
at the nave are made useful by the hole in the centre, where nothing exists’)

The perception seems to be one in which all the senses unite into one sense -- in which you become the object
(letter to R M Bucke)

Man has to become conscious of his destiny -- to lay hold of and realize his own freedom and blessedness .
to transfer his consciousness from the outer and mortal part of him to the inner and undying (Civilization: its
Cause and Cure)

For the ceaseless endeavour to realise this identity with the great Self there is no substitute. No teaching, no
theorising, no philosophising, no rules of conduct or life will take the place of actual experience. This is the
Divine yoga or union , from which really all life, all Creation proceeds (The Art of Creation p229)

Consciousness is existence; and the perfect consciousness is the perfect and true existence. That universal
consciousness by and in which the subject knows itself absolutely united to the object is absolute existence,
i.e. Being (The Art of Creation p68)

The personal self can only ‘survive’ by ever fading and changing towards the universal. Our inner identity is
fixed, but our outward identity we can only preserve by as it were, forever losing it. (The Drama of Love and
Death p251)

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