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#3308 - Friday, October 3, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

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Bill East is the Father of Advaita Rock, a new genre and a refreshing way of delivering and receiving the bottom line teaching of nonduality.
I like Bill's songs a lot. I never turn on the radio, but if they played his songs I would. They're catchy with crystal clear lyrics. I've never experienced anything like it before. The songs are even a little addictive.

As far as his singing style and ability, Bill East is the Advaitin love child of Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen! I could listen to his voice all day as it's very relaxing. I encourage you to listen to the samples from the CD and to order it.

This is a song whose chorus I can't get out of my head:  

Here are more songs:  

Is There Anything Appearing Anywhere?  

Am I Imagining That I'm Doing Something?  

Are All My Problems Based on the Assumption?  

Order here:

The CD is only $14.95 and you receive a 36 page book of lyrics with the chords and instructions so you can play and sing the songs.  

Bill also writes a frequently updated blog. In the following entry he describes his songs as investigations of immediate present evidence:  

The I thought, the You thought, the Me thought, the Other thought, the body, the thought story, the image, the idea, the concept, the mental picture I have about myself, which has no power of its own, which has no independent nature, which appears in, and could not exist without, being awareness, presence awareness, is believed to be the actuality, the reality, what I am, the true self center, the true reference point, the true self-identity. Why? Because it is not questioned. These songs question it.  

These songs investigate the immediate present evidence, what is, bringing the attention to things, or no thing, never investigated before: to the actual, to the factual, to the natural functioning, to this present moment, to my being, which is a fact, not a concept, to this being awareness, presence awareness, that’s undeniable right now, to this presence of awareness, awareness of presence that can’t be negated right now, to what’s really happening right now. Is there anyone here who can create, change, choose, control, achieve, attain, get, own, be, or become something, anything? Is there a separate I, a separate me, a separate independent actual substantial person here, within this awareness which presently is, or, is this separate independent I me entity, person, just a thought, a word, language, a label, an erroneous concept, belief, assumption, idea, a mental image, a mental picture, an identification, a story, a mirage, a transient appearance, a dream, a fiction, an illusion, false, unreal?  

Read more of Bill East's blog here:

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