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#3311 - Monday, October 6, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee
Nonduality Highlights
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"May Those Who Help the Most Win"  

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Help Me, Help You

Those who seek liberation for themselves alone cannot become fully enlightened. Though it may be said that one who is not already liberated cannot liberate others, the very process of forgetting oneself to help others is itself liberating. Therefore those who seek to benefit themselves alone actually harm themselves by doing so, while those who help others also help themselves by doing so.

--Muso Kokushi, in Dream Conversations

If You Want To Live Your Soul

The soul within our individual souls
Loves the one who runs and falls down

more than the one who sits and watches.
The soul within soul lives in a lover.

Consider this metaphor: how you love is
open sky. These personal selves are

the separate roofs of a town. Your tongue,
the guttering where words flow. If the

roof's not clean, the water-words get thick
and murky. Some people have elaborate

systems that drain water from other roofs.
This is not wise. There's a false eloquence

to it. A lover is one who waters a garden
from the rain barrel that fills under his

own roof. Roses that grow from that have
tears in them. Sometimes the scale pans may

weigh correctly, but the balancer is off.
A sweet doctor may give bitter medicine.

A foot finds the right shoe in the dark.
Love moves on its way through the pleasures

it feels. Even though the time you live in
is violent and frightening, you're safe in

Noah's boat. If you want to know who someone
is, hang around with those close by. They

know. The rule that covers everything is:

How you are with others, expect that back.

If you want to know God, enjoy the company
of lovers. If you want to be thought a great

person, learn some subtle point and say it
with many variations as the answer to every

question. If you want to live your soul,
find a friend like Shams and stay near.

'The Soul of Rumi' Translations by Coleman Barks

gill eardley

*New Forum*


Sunlight touching treetops,
Birds awakening.
Morning rises after night
With a constancy and grace.

While politics swirl
Conflicts rage, economies teeter
Hurricanes roar,
Morning dawns over all
Without apology or praise
But with simple welcoming
Of all that is lit
By its presence.

What kind of love
Embraces this wild world
With such a welcome?
What love is this, that
Contains such
Darkness and strife
When the world
Refuses to conform
To our demands for
Outer peace,
And then wraps us
In such wonder
And grace?

Fear, war, starvation,
And so much else
Are included in the
Grace of morning light
On a darkened world.

In the light's first
Touch of a leaf
There is something that
Embraces all of what we are
And includes us
In the full circle
Of life
as it is.
We see that we are
Something whole
And seamless,
And perfect.

The heart of each morning
Offers with outstretched hands,
An expansion, a release
Out of our self-made prisons
Into a world ruled by a love
That excludes nothing,
A love we can trust,
A love at peace
With all things.

Even this, and this, and
Especially and

by Alice Gardner 2008

Wide Awake Living Newsletter Living what you already and always Are.

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