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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3339, Sunday, November 2, 2008, Editor: Mark

little bit of discomfort

Shibli entered a profound mystical state and was placed in an asylum as a madman. As soon as they heard, his shocked disciples come to visit him. Shibli asked, "Who are you?" "We are some of those who love and follow you." Shibli began throwing stones at his students. They began to run away, crying, "It's true, Shibli really has gone crazy." Then Shibli called out to them, "Didn't I hear you say that you loved me? You could not even bear a stone or two before running away. What became of that sincere love you claimed you had for me? Did your love fly away with a couple of stones? If you had really loved me, you would have patiently endured the little bit of discomfort I caused you."

- as collected by James Fadiman & Robert Frager, posted to SufiMystic

To open the chakras is to relax them

In the spiritual-physiological model used by the Order of the Divine Spirit (and many other spiritual disciplines and traditions), there are seven sacred energy centres or chakras in the body - the first in the genitals (symbol - red), second near the naval (orange), third in the solar plexus (yellow), fourth is level with the heart (green), fifth in the throat (blue), sixth between the eyebrows (indigo), and seventh at the top of the head and above (violet).

We can open these chakras to allow spiritual energy to flow.

To open these chakras is to relax them.

A person I know has most difficulty with their throat chakra. This comes from many years of bad habits - of using the throat muscles and vocal chords inappropriately. On another level there is a karmic history associated with pretending to be someone they are not in order to impress (for attention, approval, and love), and not being/accepting oneself with all one's faults, failings andweaknesses.

Also this person has a constricted throat chakra because they have not always allowed themselves to express their feelings. They have "choked back the tears". (Notice that `choking' happens in the throat).

But now this person has been able to attain Higher States of Consciousness - high peaks of Insight on a momentary basis, and a general state of Love and Bliss. They have been able to open their other chakras to the extent that this has allowed them to relax and hence relax their throat chakra. This person now speaks with a deeper more relaxed voice.

Opening the chakras is to relax the chakras. Attaining Higher States of Consciousness is to relax in the deepest and fullest sense of the word. It is to surrender to Life. It is to allow oneself to be a medium for life energies, emotions and events to pass through.

There is a humorous quip which goes "Don't tell me to relax - tension is the only thing holding me together!"

In effect we exist as an Ego. The less weare Ego, the less we exist (the more we are part of the entire fabric of Life). The Ego can be understood in terms of a complex of tensions in the fabric of Life. In a sense, the Ego blocks energy and this creates the illusion of an individual isolated self.

Ego is sustained by karma. And our karmic history contains much unresolved tension and emotion. Fear is also about blocking energy, while trust is a signal which allows energy to flow. Fear is a tension.

(Ego is not bad or wrong. We can learn how to switch back and forth between Higher States of Consciousness and the Ego state - that is, the apparent Ego state, or normal state of consciousness).

One way to describe the path to Higher States of Consciousness is to relax in the deepest, fullest sense of the word.

In Peace, Love and Light,
JahFe, posted to AdvaitaToZen

Q: I was just checking in with me and I was saying there is emptiness. I can't see anything else. I can't really see the world then.

A: Yeah, okay. You're not seeing your projection, then. It's done.

Q: Is what I'm seeing correct.

A: What you're seeing is not correct or incorrect. What you're seeing is what you're seeing. That's what's important. What am I seeing. The mind would say, 'Am I seeing the right thing?'

Q: That's the mind saying, that can't be right because I see madness.

A: I'm not arguing with that necessarily cause we are looking at things from a deeper level. It doesn't mean that the more relative level gets obliterated, necessarily. Right? I can look and I can go, 'Oh, madness!' I haven't lost the ability. Human beings. We are the most insane thing that ever walked the earth. Good Lord, I can see that. It hasn't been moved from my ability. But the difference is, I can't go into conflict about it. And it's not just the absence of conflict. When there i a true absence of conflict there will be the arising of Love. Unconditional love. So in the face of horror, what arises within you from your true state is love. In the face of insanity what arises within you is not internal conflict like, 'God, it's insane. We're going to kill ourselves. We're so cruel.' That's mind. You see those things but what arises within you from your true state is love. That's what starts to arise. That's an unconflicted being. You still see the insanity. You haven't become mindless or silly or stupid. And that love is the experience of non-division internally. When we are not divided internally, that's the experience, is love. And then we act on the love instead of acting from the conflict inside. Those actions are literally infinitely more powerful and more potent.

- Adyashanti, posted to adyashantigroup

The collective disease of humanity is that people are so engrossed in what happens, so hypnotized by the world of fluctuating forms, so absorbed in the content of their lives, they have forgotten the essence, that which is beyond content, beyond form,beyond thought. They are so consumed by time that they have forgotten eternity, which is their origin, their home, their destiny. Eternity is the living reality of who you are.

Some years ago when visiting China, I came upon a stupa on a mountaintop near Guilin. It had writing embossed in gold on it, and I asked my Chinese host what it meant. "It means 'Buddha,' " he said. "Why are there two characters rather than one?" I asked. "One," he explained.,means 'man.' The other means 'no.' And the two together means 'Buddha.' " I stood there in awe. The character for Buddha already contained the whole teaching of the Buddha, and for those who have eyes to see, the secret of life.

Here are the two dimensions that make up reality, thingness and no-thigness, form and the denial of form, which is the recognition that form is not who you are.

- Eckhart Tolle, posted to The_Now2

the truth awaits

the greatest of the risks was taken
when you decided to step out of the womb -
its cosy comforting confines -
into the turbulent tantalising totality of the universe
having done that now what fear?
as you retrace your steps to the
womb of the great power
that shall eventually consume
the one who conceived you into a reality

having known this then why fear?
what is in between is just a few bubbles
of life tending to be eternal
live it as you may, free of fears and doubts

the truth awaits you yonder its boundary
prepare for its finality
relax! let go!
leave your life as fluttering butterfly
ignorant of its clipped life span yet so fine.

- sreelekha premjit

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