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#3362 - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

4 posts from Nonduality Salon. James, Linda, David, and Melody are featured.   One of those four people founded the Nonduality Highlights and was the very first editor. Which one? See if you can tell. Answer at the bottom of this email.    

My friend died today -
now we are forever.

Part of me wants to poetically hypnotize you with words -
yet words are such impostors for how I truly feel.

Home. Yes-Yes. Home - the Heart.

It's good to be where I've never left -
and find you - my beloved...

Here - Always and Ever - in Love!

James (Traverse)

Once I was in a horrible accident.  Our stopped car (on a highway intersection) was hit from behind by a driver going full speed who "didn't see us".  There was a moment of sheer terror as I felt the metal crunching impact and our car started flying across the lanes of the highway toward a tree.  I had a brief thought, "I think we are going to die."  And then everything went silent.  There were no more thoughts.  The car and scenery moved as if in slow motion, a dance of great beauty.  I watched with no emotion, no thoughts, and in peace as our car moved and collided with a metal speed sign that was between us and the tree.
    When I was a teenager, my parents took my sister and me on vacation to California.  We stopped at the Grand Canyon on our way.  It was partly cloudy but as we approached the canyon, there was a thick of clouds with lightening that filled the canyon below us.  I was stunned into silence and wordless watching.  I was that thunderstorm beneath me.  We stayed overnight there and the next morning was a clear day.  I walked to the edge of the canyon and fell into a deep silence, no words sufficent or needed.
    When I was 48 I died and had a NDE.  Part of that experience was entering into the Light of undifferentiated consciousness.
    I know who I am not.
    I do not know why I am here.  I don't really care most of the time because I continue to have those occasional moments of acute, silent being.

My God,

I love You enough
to give you up
like a habit
and walk the desert of withdrawal

I wash these hands of you, oh Lord
in the river Styx

I love You enough to nail you to a tree

   so that I may be reborn...  

--David Bozzi  

I remember years ago, Jerry, you had a page on your website -
I thought it was entitled "what is nonduality" and is was
filled with responses from various members of the NondualitySalon. 
I looked for it earlier, but the page I found had only quotes from 
people who write books or are generally recognized as 'authority' in 
someway, it seemed.
Are those old pages anywhere still?  The ones from 'everyday people'?
Melody   ~ ~ ~

They're here:   ~ ~ ~
Great!  Thanks.

Reading it brings back great memories.

Here are just a few of some favorites:

"You can come up with a very clear and concise articulation of
nonduality, and you can speak of it over and over again, and you can
attempt to align your activity to that articulation. But in fact,
organically, unless you've surrendered to the Will of God, which is
movement but in the domain of nonduality, any state of nonduality is
not mature." --Matthew Files

"Nonduality could be called the journey to resolve the relation
between you, the other sentient beings and the objects, for once and
forever." Jan Barendrecht

"Nonduality for me doesn´t mean to have no feelings. Just the other
way around to be total alive and authentic." Joanna

"Oral nondualism seems to be "talking the talk", an easy thing for
most and a sneaky little trap when we can do it eloquently. Then
there is the matter of "walking the walk". However i dont think
nondualism is something that we do or not do. It isnt something that
we can practice. There is no such thing as nondualistic activities as
opposed to dualistic activities. Nonduality is simply the context of
all manifestation. There is however enlightened duality." Matthew

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