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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3366, Saturday, November 29, 2008, Editor: Mark

There's nothing from which the world could profit more than from giving up profit. A man who's no longer thinking in terms of winning and losing is truly a non-violent man, since he's above all conflicts.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

You will receive everything you need when you stop asking for what you do not need.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

The nondualistic approach of understanding that `I AM' is God is far more purifying and superior than the dualistic approach of assuming the difference between God and the `me' and struggling to be one with Him.

- Ramana Maharshi

Once we come back to our Self, then whatever is created is happening not so much from a perspective of "What do I want?" but from a pure intention. Not an individual intention, not a collective intention, but the intention, the primal intention. It's not an intention with a choice or a chooser. It's a primary creative energy that comes from the Source.

When we really have returned to the Source, creation is no longer distorting itself through our wants or desires. That's when we're seeing, "What is? That's what I want. What is actually happening? That's what I desire." And I'm no longer interested in creating anything, because I realize that everything, as it is, is what I always wanted it to be. It was always my intention; I just didn't know it. I didn't really want to manifest my individual intention, I wanted to come into the purity of intention itself.

This realization doesn't obliterate duality; it liberates duality. When we come into the ultimate Truth, then our thoughts, feelings,and actions come from this self-realization. At that point, there's no sense in choosing or not choosing. There's just the watching. When the Truth is conscious instead of unconscious, it can come through and manifest purely - without any desire to do so.

You created me to remind you of this. We all create exactly what we need. When we are not conscious enough, when our self-concept is not big enough to allow us to have the wisdom that we are, to let in the divinity that we are, to let in the Buddha nature that we are, then we'll project it somewhere else. Maybe we'll create a guy called Adya. Then we'll go into a relationship, and through that relationship we'll start to realize, "That's who I am - Adya's not really Adya and I'm not really me." Then it just gets clearer and clearer, until our realization and our self-concept have gotten full enough and complete enough that we don't need to create a relationship of apparent two-ness to remind us of what we already know. But even when we see that, well keep doing it for the fun of it. It's a circular process.

I love this Truth so much - and by this I mean Self-love in the biggest sense - that I create you, and through you asking questions, which is really me asking questions, I get to tell myself the answers. I get to display who I am and what I know to myself. But it's actually one being: I'm not stuck being Adya. You're not stuck being you. We are stuck being It. And we realize it doesn't matter which side we're on. We're either looking for our Self with the help of creating a so-called somebody else, or we're just in the joy of revealing our Self to our Self over and over. The more we realize it's all one, the more we realize, "You know, we're really having fun."

- Adyashanti

Hello my loves,

The only requirement for participation in the Living Teaching is that you be Living. If you are convinced you don't exist and therefore are not alive please feel free to come back later when that wears off. For all the rest of you, welcome!

This aliveness we are talking about is worth investigating. It is here, in this moment. It is as close to you as your breath. In fact, your breath IS this Livingness. You do not have to remember to breathe. Your breath is literally breathing you. Stop reading the words on this page for a moment and investigate this phenomenon of breathing...

(If you did not stop, but simply read on to this sentence, I fully are a lot like me....however there REALLY is something to be seen in the stopping for a moment even if you are an "advanced" student and have examined your breath many times previously)

Perhaps you were able to see the way in which your breath "just happens." You breathe even when you forget to breathe. here is a force here that operates independent of your decisions and intentions. It is this force that the Living Teaching is concerned with. It is this Life that is living you even to the extent that you falsely believe yourself to be living IT.

I am continuously amazed and delighted at the way in which this livingness happens. It is the fuel of miracles, not the least of which is our sharing this thought together! I write. You read. Through an infinitely complex net of relationships there is a kind of recognition, a touching in which time dissolves and the Unity is revealed.

With much love,

- Wayne Liquorman. posted to The_Now2

The central point of the ultimate understanding is that at any and every instant there is nothing but perfection in the totality of functioning that is the universe. Thus, the present moment and whatever it offers is accepted in total and uninhibited pure enjoyment.

- Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

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