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#3384 - Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee

Nonduality Highlights


On December 17th, 1273 AD, Mevlana Jalal al-din Rumi died at Konya.
The 17th of December is thus called Sheb-i Arus, meaning `Bride's
Night" or `Nuptial Night' or `Wedding Night,' because of the union of
Mevlana with God. As Rumi's epitaph states:

`When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the
hearts of men.'
  O my noble friends, slaughter this cow,
if you wish to raise up the spirit of insight.
I died to being mineral and growth began.
I died to vegetable growth and attained to the state of animals.
I died from animality and became Adam:
why then should I fear?
When have I become less by dying?
Next I shall die to being a human being,
so that I may soar and lift up my head among the angels.
Yet I must escape even from that angelic state:
everything is perishing except His Face.*
Once again I shall be sacrificed, dying to the angelic;
I shall become that which could never be imagined -
I shall become nonexistent.
Nonexistence sings its clear melody,
Truly, unto Him shall we return!**    

- - from the Mathnawi, Book III,
verses 3501 - 3506, in a translation by Professor William Chittick posted to Sunlight  


I worship the moon,
tell me of the soft glow of a
candle light,
tell me of the sweetness of my moon.

Don't talk to me about sorrow
tell me of that treasure,
and hidden if it is to you,
then just remain silent.

Last night
I lost my grip on reality
and welcomed insanity.
Love saw me and said,
wipe your tears away
and be silent
and I will whisper secrets in your ear,
just nod yes
and be silent.

A soul moon
appeared in the path of my heart.
how precious is this journey.
I said, O Love
what kind of moon is this?
Love said to me,
this is not for you to question.
be silent.

I said, O Love
what kind of face is this
angelic or human?
Love said to me,
this is beyond anything that you know,
be silent.

I said, please reveal this to me
I am dying in anticipation.
Love said to me,
that is where I want you
always on the edge,
be silent.

You dwell in this house of
images and illusions,
leave this house now
and be silent.

I said, O Love,
tell me this,
does the Lord know you are
treating me this way?
Love said to me,
yes He does,
just be totally.
totally. silent.

posted by Tom McFerran  

  Ode 1373.

I was dead, then alive.
Weeping, then laughing.
The power of love came into me,
and I became fierce like a lion,
then tender like the evening star.
He said, "You're not mad enough,
you don't belong in this house."
I went wild and had to be tied up.
He said, "Still not wild enough
to stay with us!"
I broke through another layer
into joyfulness.
He said, "Its not enough."
I died.
He said, 'You are a clever little man
full of fantasy and doubting.'
I plucked out my feathers and became a fool.
He said, "Now you are the candle
for this assembly."
But I'm no candle. Look!
I'm scattered smoke
He said, "You are the sheikh, the guide."
But I'm not a teacher. I have no power.
He said, "You already have wings,
I cannot give you wings."
But I wanted his wings.
I felt like some flightless chicken.

Then new events said to me,
"Don't move. A sublime generosity is
coming towards you."
And old love said, "Stay with me."
I said, "I will."
You are the fountain of the sun's light,
I am a willow shadow on the ground.
You make my raggedness silky.
The soul at dawn is like darkened water
that slowly begins to say thank you, thank you,
then at sunset, again, Venus gradually
changes into the moon and then the whole night sky,
this comes of smiling back
at your smile.
The chess master says nothing,
other than moving the silent chess piece.
That I am part of the ploys of this game makes me
amazingly happy.

posted by Tom McFerran

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