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#3386 - Friday, December 19, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -     

If we investigate closely, we just might find that experiences do not happen
through the body. That the body is not something that serves as a conduit
for experience-it is ITSELF nothing more than experiences. It is
experienced as sensations, feelings and thoughts. And where do these
sensations, feelings and thoughts happen? Not in or through the body, not
anywhere in fact. Totally non-localized. Any localization is itself just
an experience.

Greg Goode    

Laughing at Reality

Attention to one's own Self, which is ever shining as 'I', the one undivided and pure reality, is the only raft with which the individual, who is deluded by thinking 'I am the body', can cross the ocean of unending births.'   Reality is simply the loss of ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is no entity it will automatically vanish and reality will shine forth by itself. This is the direct method, whereas all other methods are done only by retaining the ego. In those paths there arise so many doubts and the eternal question 'Who am I?' remains to be tackled finally. But in this method the final question is the only one and it is raised from the beginning. No sadhanas are necessary for engaging in this quest.   There is no greater mystery than this — that being the reality we seek to gain reality. We think that there is something hiding our reality and that it must be destroyed before the reality is gained. It is ridiculous. A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your past efforts. That which will be on the day you laugh is also here and now.

~Ramana Maharshi in 'Be As You Are' ed. David Godman  


"Do not be biased or partial, thus spoiling your free and easy 
uncontrived consciousness of the here and now by clinging attachments. 
This radiant insubstantiality, Knowledge of the here and now, this is 
the summum bonum of all vision. This all-pervasive, all-embracing 
object of mind transcending the intellect, this is the summum bonum of 
all meditations. This unforced, detached, free and easy spontaniety, 
this is the summum bonum of all behavior. This unsought, spontaneous 
accomplishment, present from the beginning, this is the summit of all 

The matrix of vision is observation of emptiness and radiance without 
clinging to it. The matrix of meditation is maintenance of reflexive 
release without clinging to it. The matrix of action is relaxation 
with a free and easy response to the six sense-fields. The matrix of 
the goal is collapse of all expectation and apprehension.

When the mind has no limitations, we see the sovereign vision. When it 
has no point of reference, we practice sovereign meditation. When we 
are free of all inhibition and indulgence, we perform sovereign 
activity. When mind is free of hope and fear, we have attained the 
sovereign goal.

As there is nothing to see, abandon all fixed ideas, all preconceived 
notions and all parameters of vision. As there is nothing upon which 
to meditate, let be whatever arises adventitiously. As there is no 
particular way to behave, give up evaluation, judgment, and criticism. 
As there is nothing to attain, forsake all expectation of results.

Whatsoever can be is Knowledge, so do not cling to any one thing. 
Nothing is 'it', so do not judge and criticize. No intellectual 
concepts are valid, so do not presume.

Primally pure intrinsic knowledge, naturally radiant, transcends the 
intellect and objects of mind, so there is nothing to see. As its 
essence has no root or ground, there is nothing to meditate uon. As 
its reflexive release is beyond all limitations and extremes, there is 
nothing to do based on conscious and rational design. As it is beyond 
striving, accomplishment and ambition, there is no fruition.

Its essence is emptiness, so abandon self-denial and self-improvement. 
Its nature is empty radiance, so let your diligent effort drop away. 
Everything is unobstructed, so forget your preferences. Just as 
phenomena arise, let them be, and do not cling to them."

--Dzogchen Aphorisms   Contributed by Joyce to Nonduality Salon.

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