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#3407 - Friday, January 9, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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More poetry from Alethea at Aphelion, A Book By God and Mace, by William Mace Mealer.


The book may be ordered at





BEEing Incapable of Flight


Where to BEgin?

Must one remind the heart to beat?

Why not simply BE?

And if the weight

of countless hopes and fears

should hold one back,

simply follow them

to their




~ ~ ~



Current Events


Everyone who has ever

caught a ball

has accurately predicted

the future.

Everyone who has ever

dodged one

has changed it.

Everyone who sees

one coming

that can't be caught

or dodged

is destined

to feel

the impact.



~ ~ ~




Esthetic Conundrum


There is the obvious,

then there is the hidden.

If to some the quality

of discernment is proportioned

in greater compense,

then where is the master

of such largess,

for at times,

this one discerns

great suffering

in the world

and would

that it abide not

in this fitful dream

called life.

Abet, if it be gone,

what cause to appreciate

the warmth of kindness

and comforting good humor

of loving friends.



~  ~ ~



The Unexpected


At the dock this morning

while all my thoughts were

playing with the dolphins

in the bay, and winging in

in majestic circles with the gulls,

As I was feeding them breakfast,

one flew into my face and startled me!

After so many eons, to be truly startled

is such a wonderful treasure

beyond price!

It's times like that

that make being born

very much worth it.



~ ~ ~



Enlightening Discourse


When one doesn't have anything to say,

this the best time for elocution.

Speaking from impassion

a patient honesty is revealed

that preserves the peace

in a world oft troubled

with the patter of

firm conviction



~ ~ ~





Those who

engage life


do so

with the attentiveness

of a hungry cat

and the joyful abandon

of a happy dog.


~ ~ ~


Alethea at Aphelion, A Book By God and Mace, by William Mace Mealer.


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