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#3418 - Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -     

Some offbeat and onbeat articles about Obama.    

The following is a humor piece, not serious.

Obama Legally Changes Name To Abraham Lincoln

January 19, 2009, 9:44AM

Today, in an early morning press conference, President-elect Barack Obama announced that he has legally changed his name to Abraham Lincoln.  "It is no secret that I am a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln.  I have implemented his "Team of Rivals", I have followed his train route, and I am to be sworn in on his Bible.  Naming myself Abraham Lincoln was the next logical step in the transition," stated Obama.


Obama continued, "In the next few days, my administration will lay forth a plan to further my transformation, including my monthly projected beard growth.  I have reached my hand across the aisle, and now I shall reach my hand back in time."


David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, says, "There can now be no doubt that Barack Obama will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents of all time.  All Americans can be a part of this historical transformation by sending a donation of $100.00 or more."


Critics of the name change say that Obama has gone too far.


"Abraham Lincoln? Are you kidding me?" responded radio host Rush Limbaugh. "I mean, come on! I enjoy snacks, but you don't see me changing my name to Hostess Twinkie!"

Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Oscar Peterson among CBC's playlist for Obama

15 hours ago

TORONTO — Songs by Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson and Rush are among the Canadian tunes that should be on Barack Obama's playlist, according to CBC listeners.

The list was compiled from submissions and votes sent online over the past two weeks and include a range of genres, both official languages, and some of the country's most lauded artists. CBC Radio 2 asked listeners to choose 49 songs from north of the 49th parallel that help define our country to U.S. president-elect Barack Obama.

The playlist includes Oscar Peterson's civil rights anthem "Hymn to Freedom," Glenn Gould's recording of "Goldberg Variations," Rush's "Closer to the Heart" and Gilles Vigneault's "Mon pays."

Several artists made the cut twice with their signature songs, including Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfooot.

CBC says more than 130,000 votes were cast for the final list of songs.

Barack Obama inauguration: Downtrodden invited to historic ceremony

Hundreds of Americans who are homeless, unemployed or living in poverty have been secured a place at the inauguration of Barack Obama.


Last Updated: 11:38AM GMT 20 Jan 2009

20 Jan 09: A Virginia businessman has paid $1.6 million, so people who might otherwise have been excluded from the festivities would have the chance to celebrate. ;

The group of 300 people are guests of Earl Stafford, a Virginia businessman who spent $1.6m to invite them to witness the ceremony.

"I'd never had imagined on being here," said an excited Martha Young, as she relished the luxury of a Washington hotel..

Ms Young said she had been "living from paycheck to paycheck. Just enough to eat and, you know, pay my bills."

Rooms in the US capital's Marriott Hotel, evening dresses and tuxedos, manicures and buffets, an invitation to the balls and ringside seats to the festivities surrounding the inauguration are all included.

"I wanted to have it open for those who otherwise would have never had the opportunity to come to Washington for the inauguration," said Mr Stafford.

The Stafford Foundation turned to 35 charitable organizations across the country to select who should take part in the People's Inauguration Project.

Among their numbers are hurricane victims, women who fled abusive relationships, disabled adults and children living in the shadows of crippling poverty.

Bernard Henry, a 21-year-old African-American from Mobile, Alabama, admitted he had been a thug as a youngster, before turning over a new leaf to become a role model for kids in his neighborhood.

"I was kicked out of the school twice, lived a life running the streets, with drugs and alcohol and then I changed my life," he said.

Prince Brooks, 57, a homeless veteran, was in awe of his new surroundings.

"He didn't have to do this. I think he was listening to his heart. We all have a spiritual self that needs to be harvested and that is what he is doing," Mr Brooks told the Washington Post. "I applaud him for that."

The group will get a ringside view of Tuesday's parade after Mr Obama has taken the oath of office as the nation's 44th president, from the bay windows of the hotel which overlook Pennsylvania Avenue linking the Capitol building to the White House.

Mr Obama is hosting 10 official balls, the first of which is the Neighborhood Ball, with free tickets available to many.

Obama's Top 5 Tech Tools

Ian Paul

Jan 20, 2009 10:21 am

Barack Obama promises to be the most tech-savvy President ever. We've already seen the positive effects the Internet had on his campaign--so what can we expect from the Obama Administration? Here are five online tools that President Obama is likely to use frequently:

  1. Twitter: During the election there were tweets from BarackObama, and now we have obamainaugural. So it would be surprising if the new president didn't use this direct message platform going forward. Heck, even Air Force One is getting into the Twitter game thanks to the National Geographic Channel.
  2. Tumblr: The Presidential Inauguration Committee has teamed up with Tumblr to blog their way through the inauguration with users uploading live photos, videos, and commentary. The PIC will also be using Tumblr to live blog the Neighborhood Ball from the Convention Center in Washington, DC. Who knows? In the future we might see Tumblelogs for foreign visits, White House dinners, and press conferences.
  3. YouTube: Yesterday, we discussed how Obama's weekly Vlogs were now available for download on YouTube. We can expect more of this in the future.
  4. At 12:01 ET today, the Obama administration takes over the President's official online residence. Expect to see features similar to those currently on, according to reports. This could include tools like Seat at the Table (a platform to watch and comment on the inauguration team's meetings) the Citizen's Briefing Book (your policy suggestions), blogs and press releases.
  5. Technology, Innovation and Government Reform Team (TIGR): TIGR is one of the most significant ideas to come out of the new administration. Its mission is to use technology to reduce the cost of government, improve the delivery of government services, and drive transparency. Expect to see online platforms designed to involve the public more fully in their government; increased amounts of government data and information available online; and tools to take that data and mash it up for your own use.

Whether Obama can maintain the excitement among the public that he created during his historic election and transition period remains to be seen. However, by fully embracing the tools and networking possibilities available online he's headed in the right direction. So as we take this historic step forward, don't forget to check out PC World's guide to all the Web-based inauguration activities going on today.

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