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#3428 - Friday, January 30, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

The Nonduality Highlights



Three different roads to take from this fork. A trip to Anchorage, Alaska for a night of Cinema Nondualite', a stay in Boulder, Colorado to study Radiant Mind with Peter Fenner, or a trek to in order to tame the gremlins of you mind.



Announcing a new Meetup for New Spirituality AK!

What: Cinema Nondualite': Resurrection

When: February 13, 2009 6:15 PM

For February: Resurrection (Ellen Burstyn, Sam Shepard, Richard Farnsworth, 1980). Perhaps the best movie you’ve never heard of. And if you are a healer, or have any desire to become a healer, it’s a must-see.

When: Friday, February 13.
What: Light Potluck at 6:15, movie at 7:15. Discussion to follow.
Where: Scott & Julia's Place

Learn details here:

Note On Nonduality:

If you scratch deeply enough through the beliefs, practices, doctrines and conceptual frameworks of any genuine religion or spiritual path, you will eventually discover the same thing: Reality. Truth. That Which Is (otherwise known as “God” or “Spirit” or “Consciousness”). And when you do discover that Truth, you will also—to use the common term—“awaken.”

But if you follow most of these paths, you have to scratch a very long time, with very long fingernails, before such an awakening event occurs. And let’s face it: for most people, it never does.

“Nonduality” (or in Sanskrit, “Advaita”) is the general name given to the various teachings found throughout the world that are direct. Paths that don’t require much scratching at all, because they end up exactly where they start. Paths that are not really “paths” at all, because they don’t really have any destination. These are the paths that put an end to seeking altogether, because they put an end to the one who seems to be going anywhere. As you can imagine, this could save you a lot of time!

There’s a “catch,” however (isn’t there always?). For, to engage a nondual approach requires a great deal of maturity from the seeker. A willingness to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. A willingness to question each and every belief you have, even the most cherished (especially the most cherished). A willingness to let go of the one who you’ve imagined yourself to be. A willingness, in short, to die.

Most often, this is not a pretty process.

That’s why it’s sometimes useful to expose yourself to the disintegrating rays of nondual teaching in a manner that is least threatening. A way that kinda slips in “under the radar” of one’s defenses. Like, for instance, in the guise of entertainment. Hence: Cinema Nondualité.

In this group we watch movies that are picked for their particularly subversive potential. They are merely stories. Yet stories that harbor within them the latch of a trapdoor. Through which you might fall....

 ~ A few spaces left in ~
9 Month Radiant Mind - Boulder, Colorado

We are pleased to inform you that there are a few spaces remaining in the Boulder Radiant Mind Program, beginning on Feb 21st, 2009.   If you are considering attending, please register ASAP. Visit to apply and make a deposit to secure your place. If you have questions email Jonathan or call +1(877)723-6463.

RM-09 Boulder Workshop Dates   1st Workshop: Sat. Feb. 21 - Mon. Feb. 23 from 9:30–5:30 (9:30–3:00 on the last day)
* Half day for mentors on Fri. Feb. 20th from 2:00-5:00
2nd Workshop: Fri. June 19 - Sun. June. 21 from 9:30–5:30 (9:30–3:00 on the last day)

* Half day for mentors on Thurs. June 18th from 2:00-5:00

3rd Workshop: Sat. Nov. 7 - Mon. Nov. 9 from 9:30–5:30 (9:30–3:00 on the last day)

* Half day for mentors on Fri. Nov. 6th from 2:00-5:00

Boulder Logistics

The StarHouse and Briar Rose B&B in Boulder, Colorado 

      Joel Agee in Tricycle Magazine

In our last Newsletter, we highlighted Joel Agee's article, but we were missing the PDF link. Here it is - "Not Found, Not Lost: After the long search, a path of homecoming" - Joel's vivid account of his engagement with Radiant Mind.   JOEL AGEE describes the tribulations of a decades-long spiritual search and a crucial moment of awakening in "Not Found, Not Lost". "It strikes me as a beautiful irony," he tells Tricycle, "that the telephone, of all the ritual implements, can serve so well to reveal the unnamable reality in which there is no distance and no separation." Agee is the author of In The House of My Fear, a memoir of the late 1960s. For the past four years he has been assisting Peter Fenner as a coach to students in Fenner's Radiant Mind Course.

Peter talks with Buddhist Geeks

The Buddhist Geeks will be interviewing Peter Fenner this weekend. Look out for this interview on Buddhist Geeks: Latest Episodes:   Still confused? Read on...

Buddhist Geeks is a weekly audio show that presents groundbreaking interviews and discussions with Buddhist teachers, scholars, and advanced practitioners. Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, Buddhist Geeks aims to catalyze a community of practitioners committed to awakening.    


Taming Your Gremlin (Revised Edition): A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way

by Rick Carson

  40 of 43 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars Review by professional life coach, this is simple and powerful, June 27, 2006
By  Patrick D. Goonan "" (Pleasanton, CA) - See all my reviews

This is a simply written book that contains very powerful and useful ideas about managing your inner critic. It focuses on mindfulness of your process and disidentifying with the voices in your head that undermine you on a daily basis.

Some of the keys to this approach are being curious rather than critical about what is happening in the moment. This leads to an awareness that allows one to penetrate old conditioned patterns and achieve a state a heightened state of awareness that leads to conscious choice rather than unconscious acting out. It also encourages a playful and experimental approach to playing with new options which is helpful for people who take themselves seriously and have difficulty trying on new behaviors.

This book is fun to read, but like some of the other reviews, I agree that the metaphor of the "gremlin" is pushed to its limits of usefulness. On the other hand, the book is quite entertaining. I must admit at times I found myself annoyed by the recurring gremlin analogies, but I know other people who have read this found it to be a strong point.

The exercises in this book are very good and like that the author included space in the book to record observations and written answers from exercises. In short, this is a great tool for self inquiry and a good companion to combine with counseling or life coaching.

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