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#3439 - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -      

Nonduality is trickling down to the spirituality mainstream. Here are a few examples from blogs in the last few days.     

Nonduality has made it to crystal culture...  

Composed of four minerals, Nebula Stone is said to have unique metaphysical properties, which are still being explored. It is known to blend the vibration of light carried in its Quartz component into the physical body, enlightening the cells and activating their consciousness. The raises overall conscious-awareness, bringing remembrance of the soul's spiritual roots.

Gazing into a Nebula Stone takes you outward into infinity and inward into the smallest particle of being. Ultimately, the two become one. This is a stone of nonduality and oneness.    

I like this person's blog for its sincerity:  

I am seeking to know God. I am seeking my divine self. The self that is worthy to know God. I want divine union. I want to know non-duality; to really understand it, to live it and to find my higher purpose.   ...   We are all God’s children. We are all God in all our differing colors, languages, creeds, mores and customs. We are God. I tell that voice repeatedly, again and again. I must create a new neural net in my brain that relinquishes the old belief and replaces it with the new one, we are all God.

This belief is a very deep seeded bias that must be rooted out to continue my journey to non-duality.

My favorite:  

Hey, this is the first abitlity I had. It started for me when I was living in a freaky haunted house. I thinks for me it was like a warning system I developed to protect me. This place was so bad I know I was in serious danger. I was in denial then. It has become more powerfull. Mine have realy increased in over time. I'm 28 now and more powerfull with several new skills. Time and usage have built mine. Plus a little concentrating while spending time in nature, like by a lake, and or woods on a foggy morning, places where you can feal the non duality or what ever.

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