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#3455 - Friday, February 27, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -    

In this issue a brief review and excerpts from Seeds for the Soul, by Chuck Hillig, the audio version. You'll find a link for an audio sample of Chuck reading from the text.    


Seeds for the Soul
Living as the Source of Who You Are

Audiobook (Available Now!)

Written and narrated by Chuck Hillig

Details and ordering information:

Listen to an excerpt:



"Justice is whatever happens."

"If you deny your truth, then you're stuck with only being able to defend your lie."


Seeds for the Soul, by Chuck Hillig, is one of the most often quoted texts in the Nonduality Highlights. It has been quoted in over 20 issues.

I've listened to the audio version of Seeds for the Soul, read by Chuck. Like his persona, Chucks voice is friendly and down home. His pacing, along with pauses in reading, make this audio book easy and pleasant to listen to. The reading and the audio quality are professional. Listen to an excerpt:

This would be an extraordinary book to listen to during a long flight, on drives, other trips, at home, or wherever you enjoy audio books. Listening to even a portion of this book will leave you standing taller in the rain and walking unblown in hurricane winds. You receive not only the words of the book, the messages, but the vibrational impact of Chuck through his voice.

While Chuck comes across as warm and accessible, what he says is direct and sharp. You may find yourself surprised or even shocked to hear what Chuck says to you:

"If you're not willing to really feel your emotional pain, then you're not going to be feeling much of anything else, either. When you're deeply sad, become willing to cry tearfully on your cheeks. Even if you try keeping your pain hidden inside, sooner or later, you'll still have to cry it all out. Only this time, your tears will be on your soul."

"Inner peace is possible only in your willingness to become completely comfortable with every possible outcome. Yes, even the most painful ones."

"Can you get to a place in your heart where there is no more forward momentum?"

More excerpts from Seeds for the Soul:

 Your life’s journey is a pilgrimage that’s always going from one sacred space to yet another sacred space. 


     And the very road that you’re traveling on between these sacred spaces is also sacred, too. 


     No matter what your life looks like right now, you’re always standing in the Temple of the Divine. 


     Your own Heart is truly the Holy-of-Holies.




    Just because you feel like doing something evil, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to do it.


     Deeply hidden within our souls, we all have these secret pockets of pathology. 


     All of them, however, must be fully acknowledged, respected, honored and embraced. 


     Notice your own craziness…and then move on.    


     Most of our problems with other human beings usually start with our own problems with just being human.




  Your feelings don’t really hassle you. 


     What hassles you are your beliefs about what you think you should be feeling instead of what you actually are feeling. 


     In other words, you’re “should-ing” all over yourself !!!


     Your hassles only increase when you feel:  

        angry…about your anger,

          sad…about your sadness,

            fearful…about your fear,

              distressed…about your distress

                 guilty…about your guilt

                    ashamed…about your shame    

                      etc.  etc.  etc.


     Give yourself 100% permission to feel whatever is showing up for you. 


     You don’t have to feel lousy about feeling lousy.


     Just feel lousy.



    You are the true source of all of your own experiences in life.


     Since it’s all your drama, you’re even the true source of whatever it is that you’re feeling victimized by. 


     In other words, no one else is making you think or feel anything.  They’re just inviting you to create some experience for yourself, and then you are taking them up on their offer.


    You can change your feelings by learning how to change your focus.  


     Your experiences in life are ultimately determined by where you’re putting your full awareness.


     In the end, your heart will always walk towards whatever it is that your mind is paying attention to.





Can you become so much at peace that, if you stopped right now and took no further action whatsoever, your entire life would still be perfectly whole and complete?  


    In other words, can you get to a place in your heart where there’s no more forward momentum?


     A place where you don’t need to move away from in order to feel “satisfied” or “improved?”


     A peaceful place where each and every moment …no matter what is happening…is a separate and unique destination in and of itself and, as such, is completely worthy of joyous celebration? 


     True peace has no inner momentum. 


     True peace is not “going” anywhere.


     True peace forms the context in which both happiness and unhappiness show up in.  


     True peace is always at peace…even when it’s unhappy.


     In fact, it’s at peace even when it’s at war.





Anyone can hear the noise in their mind that’s hiding within the silence. 


     But can you also hear the silence in your heart that’s hiding within the noise?


     Only in stillness will you discover the quiet in the middle of the chaos.  


     Only in stillness will you discover the hush in the middle of the rush.







     Crucifixion perfectly symbolizes the ongoing dilemma of the ego.   


     One hand of your ego is, seemingly, nailed to your memories about the past while your other hand is, seemingly, nailed to your imaginings about the future.  


     Although your body feels pain in the present moment, your ego only adds to its own suffering by blindly worshiping at the altars of memory and imagination.


     Until you fully surrender to the present moment, you’ll always feel that you’re being crucified.





The people around you and the life events that you’re experiencing are the answers that your Soul has created as a response to your Heart’s deepest longing for healing, freedom and true awakening.


     Your personal life’s drama…no matter how traumatic it is or was…is the path that you, yourself, have chosen to bring you into full awakening.    




  Everyone has only one real mission in life: to awaken from the delusion that they’re separate from everything else. 


     In fact, this persistent delusion is the root cause of most of your emotional and physical problems. 


     Your present life’s condition at this very moment is your Soul’s current answer to its #1 question: 


     “What has to happen right now in order for me to wake up to who I am?”


     The answer is always “Whatever is happening right now.”




     Is it possible that we unconsciously hurt ourselves because we inwardly know that our deepest pain can often trigger Grace? 


     Do we, perhaps, deliberately seek out pain and pleasure in order to more fully participate in the extremes of experience that are available in this human incarnation?  


     So, no matter what shows up for it, Conscious-ness is always saying “Yes” to absolutely everything …no matter how radical or off-the-wall it might be.    


     Consciousness is an Experience Junkie!” 


     Consciousness is a single party of One…trying to have a wild party…as “Two.”


     It only wants to feast on the Feast.




    The world is not the illusion.  


     It’s you who are the illusion. 


     Who you are is the context that the entire world is happening in.   


     As long as you are in the body, however, you won’t be waking up from the illusion. 


     You’ll only be waking up to the illusion.  


     Even after you’ve discovered that it’s only illusory, the mirage of a desert lake still looks just like a real lake.




When you’re asleep and truly know that you’re dreaming, it’s called lucid dreaming.  


     However, when you’re awake and still know that you’re dreaming, then it’s called enlightenment. 


     Right now, you’re not really awake.  


     You’re only dreaming that you’re awake.


     And, ironically, a big part of that dream is that, someday, you will eventually awaken.  




     Give up waiting for the proverbial “Enlightenment Bus” to come along for you.


It’s never going to show up.  


                    Not ever!   


     Who you really are will never…and can never …get enlightened.  


     Getting enlightened is not a big task for who you are.


     Getting enlightened is only a big task for who you are not.




    Don’t ask the Saints about enlightenment.     One question only leads to another.  


     And, after all, not even God can explain God. 


     Besides, a saint isn’t any closer to enlightenment than is a sinner.  


     The only difference between them is that a saint knows this while the sinner is still pretending that he doesn’t.


     The Heart of Enlightenment lies in discovering that we’re all living in the very heart center…of each other!






You are not “a” Divine Being. 


     You are actually the Divine…BE-ing.” 


     When you wake up, you can’t simply substitute one dream called “Once-I-was-asleep” for a newer dream called “But-now-I-am-awake.” 


     The dreaming god must first awaken to his own dreaming.


     But there are not two different gods here; one who is so-called “sleeping” and another one who is so-called “awake.”  


     Paradoxically, the god who says that he is asleep is also the very same god who is now saying that he is awake.


Seeds for the Soul
Living as the Source of Who You Are

Audiobook (Available Now!)

Written and narrated by Chuck Hillig

Details and ordering information:

Listen to an excerpt:

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