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#3458 - Monday, March 2, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights

God stood up

We were rowing ashore
With very little freeboard
God saw something and
Sprang to his feet
The whole boat tipped over

He was just splashing about
Not a care in the world

It's alright for him
He doesn't have to
Pay for the funerals

That will do for God

If there's something
Even one little thing
That you don't know
THAT will  do for God!

It won't be long before you can
Add something else
And God comes further out of hiding

From there it's not such a big step
To realize you actually know nothing
God becomes everything  



This site, by Peter Marjason has a delightfully humorous take on nonduality, expressed in poems and pithy sayings.

  If you don’t know what’s
Going on
And yet it still happens
Maybe your understanding
Isn’t required  


Thinking you are enlightened
Is a big mistake
As big as thinking
You are unenlightened    

Mumonkan Centre Las Alpujarras, Granada, Spain Events 2009

We are currently planning the workshops, seminars and retreats for 2009 and will list these with full details shortly.

If you would like to be included on our mailing list please 
contact us 


Amit Goswami - Evening Seminar on Quantum Consciousness (evening Seminar)
May 29, 2009 (Central Granada, Spain)
Amit Goswami - Quantum Consciousness and Yoga Psychology (Saturday Workshop)
May 30, 2009 (Granada, Spain)
Dzogchen Meditation Retreat (7 days)
Jun 20, 2009 - Jun 27, 2009 (Juviles, La Alpujarra, Granada, Spain)

Coming Soon
Non Dual author Roy Whenary will lead a workshop at Mumonkan in 2009.    


Why is the Winter Light  

Why is the winter light
disturbing, and who
if anyone shares this impression?
If somebody enters the room
am I going to stop being afraid?
Why am I afraid
to go grocery shopping?
I suppose there is a pill for that, but
why? Surrounded by so vast
a cloud of witnesses
why do I feel this alone
in the first place? Is heaven a place
and if so, will our poor
hairy speechless forebears-
all millions of years of them-
be there to greet us
if and when we arrive? The meek
shall inherit Auschwitz, too,
if they're not careful. Where to such obscenities
of thought originate? And are the words
we speak being mercilessly recorded, or
are we speaking the already written
premeditated words? Why
do I want to live
forever, and the next day
fervently wish I had died
when I was young? Why do I abruptly feel blessed?
And if (and it does) this city harbors
a single individual suffering
unendurably, am I
prepared to take his place?  


Empty me of the bitterness and disappointment of being nothing but
Immerse me in the mystery of reality
Fill me with love for the truly afflicted
that hopeless love, if need be
make me one of them again --
Awaken me to the reality of this place
and from the longed-for or remembered place
And more than thus, behind each face
induct, oh introduce me in --
to the halting disturbed ungrammatical soundless
words of others' thoughts
not the drivel coming out of our mouths
Blot me out, fill me with nothing but consciousness
of the holiness, the meaning
of these unseeable, all
these unvisitable worlds which surround me:
others' actual thoughts -- everything
I can't perceive yet

know it is there.  

~ Franz Wright ~  

(God's Silence)  


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