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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3499, Saturday, April 11, 2009,Editor: Mark

You know what is right. Deep down you know. The battle between your true wisdom and the counterfeit wisdom of society is what causes frustration. Refuse to compromise with what you know is right - with what is right for you.

- Vernon Howard, posted to Adyashantigroup

Truth is that which lies in a dimension beyond the reach of thought. Whole-mind has no 'thoughts', thoughts are split-mind.

- Wei Wu Wei, from Ask the Awakened, posted to Distillation

Discard every self-seeking motive as soon as it is seen and you need not search for truth; truth will find you.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to Distillation

Who you imagine yourself to be is annihilated by the revelation of freedom. You, as you have known yourself to be, are no more. You, as you have imagined yourself to be, are revealed to be nonexistent. There remains only the unimaginable truth of who you are.

- Gangaji from You Are That! Satsang With Gangaji

Do you foresee a time in the not too distant future when there will be many people on earth who are Enlightened?

There is no future, there are no people, there is no earth, there is no one seeking Enlightenment, and no one gaining it. This is the final and only Truth.

- Papaji

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