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#3502 - Tuesday, April 14, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Twitter Highlights are followed by an excerpt from the new release of the out of print book Atma Nirvriti, by Atmananda Krishna Menon. The book is free online at


Twitter Highlights from a few people I follow:


jhalifax up very early, listening to the wind


Takuin Takuin bought European 100% cotton fiber parchment deed paper. Ready for the next batch of correspondence.


ultrafeel "America has become so tense and nervous, it has been years since I've seen anyone sleep in church - and that is a sad situation." (N.Peale)


PoetryChaikhana All 13th cent: St Francis, Dante, Moses de Leon, Attar, ibn Arabi, Rumi, Sadi, Emre, Shabistari, Jnanadev, Dogen. Something in the air?


The Twitter Weird Nondual News Pick of the Day:


nonduality Review of Sri Chimnoy cult book in Forbes:


nonduality@sabbeloka East West Books cancels reading from Sri Chimnoy cult book:


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aflow Harry Nilsson - put the lime in the coconut ?


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Exerpts from Atma Nirvriti by Atmananda Krishna Menon


The Origin and the Dissolution of the World


I Knowledge objectified is thought. Then the 'I' remains as the witness of thought.


II Without My being seen as the witness, thought is joined to Me and I am made the thinker by living beings.


III And subsequently, the thinker is made the physical perceiver and then the corresponding thought becomes a gross object.


IV Thus living beings make of Me the world, and ignoring Me, live in bondage.


V The illusion of the world which comes about by these successive superimpositions can be removed only by going back along the same path.


Thoughts and Myself


I How can thoughts which rise and set in Me, be other than Myself?


II When there is a thought, I am seeing Myself; when there is no thought, I am remaining in My own glory.


All Is Consciousness


I Knowledge has nothing to know. The insentient can never know, being insentient.


II Therefore no one knows anything. All beings stand established as pure consciousness.


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Read the entire volume, plus much more at a fine website:


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