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#3504 - Thursday, April 16, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Two pieces on Nisargadatta Maharaj. One by Charlie Hayes in which he speaks of the message of Nisargadatta. The other is the second authentic recording of Nisargadatta's words to be featured at the Urban Guru Cafe: "Various visitors put questions to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj through the English translator, Ramesh."





One on One ~ On The Pathless Path:

Only Being IS ~ Thou Art THAT


Q: It's been interesting to see the changes [Nisargadatta] experimented with, especially in the way to express his philosophy. And he's the reason for this message. Just a simple and small question: What do you think about Nisargadatta's radical point of view about consciousness, the one he expresses in "Consciousness and the Absolute" or "Prior to Consciousness"?


C: That is Absolute Truth. Ponder this:


To know your true nature is utterly simple. Being IS and You are That. There is no "future enlightenment"; nor are there any enlightened OR unenlightened persons. All is One Being appearing everywhere as what IS. Know yourself as this Truth that sets "you" free from the delusion of  being a separate, incomplete, and  sometimes suffering little pocket  Being was never bound, never limited, ever-free, and never could suffer: The 'one who suffers' is merely imagination. Being Thy Self, you are and have always been free, empty, and silent. Know thy self as This Peace of Eternal Being. THIS is the end of all becoming: Simply BEING and only That. Home.


Q: I understand he has alienated many "spiritual searchers" because he points out that after the death of the body-mind mechanism there's not a single drop of self- consciousness. He, as you know, says consciousness depends on a physical body, and no consciousness remains after its death. He considers consciousness is like a drop that tells the Absolute It (the Absolute) exists.


C: That is, as always, only a pointer. There is NO "separate absolute" to "see itself or know itself". Often pointers will arise in a particular setting for a particular appearance of a questioner; this is why books and such can never show what is REAL. The One Being has no "parts" to be born or die. Birth and death never happened to The Being You Are!


Q: Like a signal for the Absolute to know Its own existence, a light in a dark room that will vanish soon. He does not despise the concept of eternal Awareness, in fact that's what he thinks we really are, but he seems to be brutally honest regarding the hopes of the average seeker to remain self-conscious somehow.


C: That is the Ruthless Compassion of The One destroying its own delusions of separateness. But all of this never-ending storytelling is of course utter bullshit! There is ONLY BEING and YOU are THAT. There was NEVER and change or separateness in Being. "Time", "birth", "death" ... all these are just words, concepts that appear in the Timeless Spacelike Being that IS and prior to consciousness yet never ever apart from that consciousness. Being-Consciousness-Peace are all "apparent aspects" of the One Life, the One Being. One-Not Two; One-without-a-second; Pure Presence-Awareness: That Thou Art! Full Stop. Now DO NOT take these words to be representative or descriptive. The word points to NO THING. You are that Eternal No Thong.


Q:  I think this point is a clear distinction point if we compare his teachings and any other master. All I've read remark the fact that self-consciousness is a basic characteristic of Reality. That's what "chit" means, isn't it?


C: No, that is a misinterpretation of what Maharaj pointed to. CHIT is a Sanskrit word that translates as "consciousness" but that consciousness is NOT a thing the mind can grasp. Moreover Reality HAS NO characteristics in Truth; all appears as the self-shining Being, which is analogous to Pure Light, only SEEMING to be like a dream-scape; there is no substance to the appearance and to take appearance as Reality is a big mistake (yet one that no one makes; there is no doer anywhere, just illusions!) All appearance s Maya, illusion, a play of light and shadow with no independent existence apart from Absolute Being, the ONE.




That's IT, my friend.


Q: The other distinction I've found is the absolute pessimism on the worldly events. He's very insistent regarding the illusory nature of reality, like many other masters say, but he completely despises it.


C: You assign a notion of authoring some judgment to Maharaj and that "author" simply does not exist. All is appearance and authorless! There was NO "person called Maharaj" to make such judgment. That is a projection of delusion, the ignorant mind-arrogance that "thinks it knows" what Maharaj "meant". To point out the illusory nature of what in ignorance is taken to be real, there IS NO mental judging of ANYTHING appearing in the infinite space of awareness (BEING) to be good or bad, or right or wrong. To believe so is also illusion. You as a judging entity are illusion. ALL IS ONE. One Being, One Livingness, One Essence that appears as all that seems to be. Yet ONLY Being is Real. That is all. This, what IS, is all there is. Time is a mere concept. Location, identity, knowledge are all ignorance, ignoring the Isness f Being and assuming thoughts to be what we are ... all the while YOU as BEING silently watch and love all the storms and sunshine, all the play as the Expression of No Thing seeming Real until The One points out the folly of taking a mirage to be real.


Being IS and You are That. Full Stop. Nothing else exists and never did. Being, Birthless, Deathless, the One Absolute Subject-Awareness: That, Thou Art. Home.


Q:Thank you very much, Charlie, for taking me back to the basics. Sometimes is too easy to get trapped by the concepts.


C: No one is ever trapped by concepts. That is yet another concept! Being IS. THAT expresses through the brain as I AM. Stop at I AM, give NO credence to any identity; ultimately not even "I AM". You are the L:ight shining through those concpets. Be that. As Nisargadatta said, "have the courage to be no thing". And stop pretending to be what you are nOT. All identification is inauthentic. Love ya, my friend. Be. That is all.

Warm Regards,


Charlie's bookstore with books by himself, Nisargadatta, John Wheeler, and others:





Urban Guru Cafe presents...


Phase 2 - Across Space and Time - Program #2 - Nisargadatta Tapes




“Those who know only scriptures know nothing - To know is to be“. - Nisargadatta

“Delayed response is wrong response. Thought, feeling and action must be one and simultaneous with the situation that calls for them” - Nisargadatta


The essence of the message is subtle. The mind is attuned to gross concepts. In this program is a very subtle introduction to our true nature. Listen to it as often as you can. The insight that comes, opens up the being-ness.


There is ‘no reason’ why anyone should miss it. It is the immediacy of being.


The voices of Jack kornfield, Mark West, Ramesh Balsekar appear in this program.


Three short audio extracts from the video “Awaken to the Eternal”.


Various visitors put questions to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj through the English translator, Ramesh.


Music by Asad Qizilibash, Ravi Shanka and the closing music by Van Morrison.




Also read the cool and remarkable comments to this audio:


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