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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3513, Saturday, April 25, 2009, Editor: Mark

Editor's note: I've included 3 videos on this HL. Each is fairly long, but well worth viewing, and if you have the time and want the flow, read the words and watch the videos in order...

Love, Mark

Dear Fuzzy Bunnies -

Noticing is everything.

Noticing is everything.

Noticing is everything.

When we begin a meeting or a retreat, I often find myself inviting people into simple noticing, dropping from the mind's interpretations of things down into the felt sense of being here. Noticing from flesh, what it feels like to be here, making full contact with the moment. If you attempt to find the "noticer," you will play a delightful game of a puppy chasing its tail, the same game that Ramana Maharshi invited us into with the question "Who am I?" The question is not designed to find a conceptual answer, but to allow that which thinks there is someone separate there to exhaust or delight itself in an infinite loop of searching that leaves us at last in the poverty and richness of being a shining clueless nothing.

This noticing is what you are. Not the noticer, but the noticing. You are not an object, but a vast and full Silence that is more verb than noun. If you let yourself sit on your couch as noticing space, as a cloud of unknowing, everything that is noticed is a gift to you, floats in you, comes to you, to nothing, out of nothing. See if when you sit as a noticing nothing if you can find anything other than the noticing, the sensations, and thought. Not much going on there! And yet, as we drop into that fully, plenty is going on. Alive buzzing Presence filling the body, sensations that hold our hands and lead us into their hearts of nothing, the delight of subtle energies dancing in us.

This is not a battle with the mind but an invitation to explore what else is here besides thought! We tend to move through our days with our attention fused to thought, listening to thought for every clue, beseeching thought for the way out or the way through or the solution. Thought can only deliver ways or solutions that are obsolete, that are made of the building blocks of the old, of concept. Exploring Presence and sensation and this vast world of the felt sense of being allows us to open to the fertile Void of the Unknown, and thus open to Grace and Her infinite solution of Love.

This dropping into the felt sense of being is available in every moment. This is the field outside of wrong-doing and right-doing that Rumi wrote of, where we can meet in Love, beyond the split of opposites that is the mind's overlay on reality. As we merely notice, rest as noticing space, allow things to come, to be, to float in us, we drop back into the ground of being, and the magic and creativity of This leads our lives for us.

The most common question I ask in working with other beings is, "What are you noticing"

What are you noticing? What are you that's noticing? Welcome to Manifestation and the Absolute in their dance of Love. It was never about you.

- Jeannie Zandi, from her newsletter, which you can sign up for at [email protected]

Never Not Here - Interview with Neelam:

Only Awareness Remains

Life moves, undulates, breathes in and out, contracting and expanding. This is its nature, the nature of what is. Whatever is, is on the move. Nothing remains the same for very long. The mind wants everything to stop so that it can get its foothold, find its position, so it can figure out how to control life. Through the pursuit of material things, knowledge, ideas, beliefs, opinions, emotional states, spiritual states, and relationships, the mind seeks to find a secure position from which to operate.

The mind seeks to nail life down and get it to stop moving and changing. When this doesn't work, the mind begins to seek the changeless, the eternal, something that doesn't move. But the mind of thought is itself an expression of life's movement and so must always be in movement itself. When there is thought, that thought is always moving and changing. There is really no such thing as thought. There is only thinking, so thought which is always moving (as thinking) cannot apprehend the changeless.

When thought enters into the changeless it goes silent. When thought goes silent, the thinker, the psychological "me," the image-produced self, disappears. Suddenly it is gone. You, as an idea, are gone. Awareness remains alone. There is no one who is aware. Awareness itself is itself. You are now no longer the thought, nor the thinker, nor someone who is aware. Only awareness remains, as itself. Then, within awareness, thought moves. Within the changeless, change happens.

Now awareness expresses itself. Awareness is always expressing itself: as life, as change, as thought, feelings, bodies, humans, plants, trees, cars, etc. Awareness yields to itself, to its inherent creativity, to its expression in form, to experience itself. The changeless is changing. The eternal is living and dying. The formless is form. The form is formless. This is nothing the mind could have ever imagined.

- Adyashanti

Adyashanti on Awareness:

Loving Mystery - A Conversation with Pamela Wilson on ConsciousTV:

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