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#3525 - Thursday, May 7, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

We've had some oddly mis-numbered and mis-dated issues in the last week. Fortunately the messages are beyond chronology, so I don't think anyone's too worried. We correct the numbering when the issues are uploaded to   Featured are Chuck Hillig (watch his amazing videos), Nirmala, and Ramana Maharshi on differentiation and no-differentiation. They are all saying the same thing in their individual ways, which, it seems, is what our lives in nondualty is all about.


Chuck Hillig, The Meaning of Life in 13 Minutes:

Part 1:  

Part 2:  

What Chuck delivers is fresher than fresh. It's the source of fresh! This is a guide to nonduality for everyone.


New Free Ebook by Nirmala entitled That Is That: Essays about True Nature:

That Is That is an intriguing and enlightening look at life's biggest question: Who am I? This book is a collection of most of the free essays and articles found on Nirmala's website and blog at It is intended to be an easy way to sample all of his teachings, and also an easy way to print his essays out and read them on paper. There is no particular order and you are invited to wander through the essays as you please. Download That Is That: Essays about True Nature for free at . A short sample essay from the book taken from Nirmala's blog is below.

What About the Awakeness that is Here Now?

Nirmala occasionally adds to his blog at The most recent post is called What About the Awakeness that is Here Now?, and it is included in his new free ebook, That Is That, and also is reprinted here:

Someone emailed to say how much they want to awaken, and I wrote back: If you truly want to wake up, then I invite you to get very curious about the awakeness that is here right now. Are you aware of anything at all in this moment? What is that awareness like? Just as a single drop of water is wet, the awareness that is reading these words has all of the qualities of your ultimate true nature as pure awareness. Does the part of you that is already awake need to wake up or is it already profoundly and mysteriously aware? Just for a moment, instead of seeking more awareness, find out more about the awareness that is already here.

The awareness that is here in this moment is alive, spacious, discriminating and full of love. Everything that really matters is found in this awareness. Love, peace and joy flow from within us out to the experiences we have of the world. Seeking the source of peace or love in the world is like looking for the source of the water in the puddle that forms under a water faucet. Not only is the source here within us, but it is flowing right now as the simple awareness that is reading these words.

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Advaita [non-duality] should not be practised in ordinary activities. It is sufficient if there is no differentiation in the mind. If one keeps cart-loads of discriminating thoughts within, one should not pretend that all is one on the outside.

Westerners practise mixed marriages and eat equally with everyone. What is the use of doing only this? Only wars and battlefields have resulted. Out of all these activities, who has obtained any happiness?

This world is a huge theatre. Each person has to act whatever role is assigned to him. It is the nature of the universe to be differentiated but within each person there should be no sense of differentiation.

Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi

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