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#3531 - Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights

The Dalai Lama on Dzogchen and Rigpa:

“Dodurupchen says that all phenomena are quite definitely such that they arise as rigpa’s energy or rigpa’s display. From the point of view of the new schools of tantra (sarma), everything that appears arises as the display of great bliss, and the display of emptiness. In the terminology of Dzogchen whatever manifests arises as the display of rigpa, and that is certain. So the agent responsible for all of this as well as the space and ground for it all, is the single state of Clear Light. Everything, in fact , is the display or array of Clear Light… Such experiences of Clear Light will arise, and when they do, you are left without any fear of falling into samsara: you are left without any hope of attaining nirvana: you are left without any hope or fear whatsoever. All experiences and all feelings, be they good or bad, karma, its results, birth and death and change: all of this manifests as the magical display of Clear Light.

This is what the “Twelve Vajra Laughs” are pointing at.”

posted to Dzogchen Practice & Wisdom-l  

The more one identifies as what One already effortlessly is--pure Awareness only--the thinking is from an entirely "new" viewpoint.  It takes on a far better quality, and seems clearer, sharper, more discerning and astute.  It seems "cleaner", meaning free of "mental junk," distractions, and its attendant emotions.  Thanks to not being on their "level,"  you appear to use thoughts and emotions, they don't use you.  In everyday affairs, one has a clearer sense of what is true and actual.  One acts less naively, less prone to misguidance from limited personal judgments, extreme emotionalism, criticism, and opinions. Why?   Consciousness--wholly apart from such things--is unconditioned Intelligence or Wisdom.  It could be called clear unbiased Perception.   Consciousness is All Peter  Dziuban                                  P.51 posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle    

Meditating deeply... reach the depth of the source.
Branching streams cannot compare to this source!
Sitting alone in a great silence, even
though the heavens turn and the earth is upset,
you will not even wink.
~ Nyogen Senzaki




Getting Established In Presence: An experiment with Rupert Spira

On his last trip to California, Rupert joined us for a truly unique series of talks. During these intimate conversations, he walked us thru our perceptions, sensations, thoughts, images and feelings to uncover the reality of our direct experience.

This series is remarkable in that it invites the viewer to participate in the experiment here and now; this journey may bring clarity and understanding of our original nature.

Click here is the first of our rough cut clips of
Rupert Spira discussing the truth of our experience. Give yourself the time to view each of these four clips in order, one thru four. Truly, they are a present from presence.

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