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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3548, Saturday, May 30, 2009, Editor: Mark

Kuan Yin's Prayer for the Abuser

To those who withhold refuge,
I cradle you in safety at the core of my Being.
To those that cause a child to cry out,
I grant you the freedom to express your own choked agony.
To those that inflict terror,
I remind you that you shine with the purity of a thousand suns.
To those who would confine, suppress, or deny,
I offer the limitless expanse of the sky.
To those who need to cut, slash, or burn,
I remind you of the invincibility of Spring.
To those who cling and grasp,
I promise more abundance than you could ever hold onto.
To those who vent their rage on small children,
I return to you your deepest innocence.
To those who must frighten into submission,
I hold you in the bosom of your original mother.
To those who cause agony to others,
I give the gift of free flowing tears.
To those that deny another's right to be,
I remind you that the angels sang in celebration of you on the day of your birth.
To those who see only division and separateness,
I remind you that a part is born only by bisecting a whole.
For those who have forgotten the tender mercy of a mother's embrace,
I send a gentle breeze to caress your brow.
To those who still feel somehow incomplete,
I offer the perfect sanctity of this very moment.

The following brief excerpt was adapted (notably changing "he" to "she") from the chapter on the Bodhisattva Regarder of the Cries of the World, in the W. E. Soothill translation of The Lotus Sutra (The Lotus of the Wonderful Law, published by Curzon Press):

Listen to the deeds of the Cry-Regarder,
Who well responds to every quarter;
Vast is her vow as deep the sea,
Age-long, and inconceivable.
Who hears her name and looks to her,
Unremittingly remembering her,
Will end the sorrows of existence.

* * *

Sorrows of birth, age, disease, death,
All will thus be ended.
True regard, serene regard,
Far-reaching, wise regard,
Regard of pity, regard compassionate,
Ever longed for, ever looked for,
In radiance ever pure and serene!
Wisdom's sun, destroying darkness,
Subduer of woes, of storm, of fire,
Illuminator of the world!
Law of pity, thunder quivering,
Compassion wondrous as a great cloud,
Pouring spiritual rain like nectar,
Quenching all the flames of distress!

* * *

Voice of the Regarder, wondrous voice,
Voice of the rolling tide, Brahma-voice,
Voice all world-surpassing,
Ever to be cherished in mind
With never a doubting thought.
World's Cry-Regarder, pure and holy,
In pain, distress, in death or woe,
Potent as a sure reliance,
Perfect in every virtuous merit,
All-beholding with eyes of pity,
Boundless ocean-store of blessings!
Prostrate, let us make obeisance.

English Translation of the Great Dharani by D.T. Suzuki

Adoration to the Triple Treasure!
Adoration to Avalokitesvara the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva who is the great compassionate one!
Om, to the one who performs a leap beyond all fears!
Having adored him, may I enter into the heart of the blue-necked one known as the noble adorable Avalokitesvara! It means the completing of all meaning, it is pure, it is that which makes all beings victorious and cleanses the path of existence.
Om, the seer, the world-transcending one!
O Hari the Mahabodhisattva!
All, all!
Defilement, defilement!
The earth, the earth!
It is the heart.
Do, do the work!
Hold fast, hold fast!
O great victor!
Hold on, hold on!
I hold on.
To Indra the creator!
Move, move, my defilement-free seal!
Come, come!
Hear, hear!
A joy springs up in me!
Speak, speak! Directing!
Hulu, hulu, mala, hulu, hulu, hile!
Sara, sara! siri, siri! suru, suru!
Be awakened, be awakened!
Have awakened, have awakened!
O merciful one, blue-necked one!
Of daring ones, to the joyous, hail!
To the successful one, hail!
To the great successful one, hail!
To the one who has attained master in the discipline, hail!
To the blue-necked one, hail!
To the boar-faced one, hail!
To the one with a lion's head and face, hail!
To the one who holds a weapon in his hand, hail!
To the one who holds a wheel in his hand, hail!
To the one who holds a lotus in his hand, hail!
To the blue-necked far-causing one, hail!
To the beneficient one referred to in this Dharani beginning with "Namah," hail!
Adoration to the Triple Treasure!
Adoration to Avalokitesvara!
May these [prayers] be successful!
To this magical formula, hail!

Great Compassion Mantra - Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva:

Great Compassion Mantra-Da Bei Zhou:

Heart Sutra (Sanskrit) Buddhist chanting:

Om Mani Padme Hum:

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