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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3549, Sunday, May 31, 2009, Editor: Jerry

God is at home, it's we who have gone out for a walk.

- Meister Eckhart

A person cannot approach the divine by reaching beyond the human. To become human, is what this individual person, has been created for.

- Martin Buber

I know that the world seems stern in its unrelenting requirement that you walk a certain path, live a certain way, that you have the capacity to earn a certain amount of money to sustain yourself. I know the litany of fear and so do you. But let us take this time that we have together to set that aside, gently, to leave your historian minds outside the door. I promise you they will be there when you leave. Let us invite in the wisdom of your hearts. The heart is absolute wisdom. There's nothing you do not know. Yet the mind, running in circles almost constantly, is saying, "There is so much you don't know: the `how to, the what if'?" I invite you to set aside the habitual doubts with which you walk in your lives.

Though you have climbed mountains and forged rivers, struggled through valleys of despair, you have never ever done anything wrong. Every step you have taken has been deliberate in the consciousness of the being of light, the angel that you are. Every fault that you find with yourself, actions, intents, deeds, has only brought you one step closer to that point of darkness where Love has called you. There has not been one wasted motion, not one wasted effort. There has not been a stumbling that has not been ordained by the purpose of your being, nor has there been one victory that has not been honestly earned by the true effort of your heart. Do you dare to believe that? That is a most important question, and one that I ask you to ask yourselves through the rest of your lives. Do you dare to believe it? For you have all walked under heavy, unnecessary burdens that you have placed upon yourselves, initially in the name of your good intent, so as to be the best person you can be, and then ultimately in the name of terror, to be the safest person you can be. Though it seems in your world of checks and balances that the most noble action is to take upon yourself the greatest responsibility, let us make it clear from the very beginning of this time we spend together that that is a false premise under which you have struggled all of your lives. Let us label it illusion. Illusion is created by false belief standing upon false premise, for the purpose of false need and reward.

So who are you without your burdens, without your self castigations, without your endless need to monitor, and to approve or disapprove of both your inner being and your outer actions as well? Who are you without that unnecessary and impossible burden that history and fear have placed upon you? That is the question paramount in each of your lives, whatever manifestation of circumstance may seem to have called you to this path.

Spend time before the mirror, seeing a deeper vision than the image you have been taught to see, "0h, I need a haircut!," and we who walk with you ask in wonder, "Don't they see the being of light? Have they forgotten so completely that all they perceive are the areas that are not quite acceptable in the language of their lives?" Are you willing to stand in full view of yourselves, staying there long enough for all of the habitual responses to have their say and fade away, until there are no more comments, no more"should's," no "I musts," but only the willingness to be fully present? Can you, dearest ones, begin to perceive what you are invited to? Once you have found the glory of your true being, you will never ever again be incarcerated in the illusions of your history, or the pain of this moment, or the fear of the future. All I am saying to you is that there is profound, wondrous reality that your minds cannot dare to imagine sitting right inside that physical body you call "myself'. If you would only take time to stand in your own presence, allowing the mind to quiet and habit to ease away, the truth will appear to you. You can be sure that tomorrow morning somehow you will pick up the familiar routine of self criticism again. But, that does not mean that it cannot be softened gradually until ultimately it will be blown away. You struggle so, each one of you, with the weightiness of what you believe is wrong with you. Doesn't it seem to you that you have carried that long enough?

You all hold within you the answers to every question, every confusion, without exception, but you have been taught to bury that awareness. There is nothing you do not know. You hold divine remembering, the eternal spark of perfect Love. You are far more than your intellects can possibly stretch to imagine. You come with your hearts broken, your sense of well being shattered, and you come seeking the Garden of Eden, the memory of Home, the right to love. That is who you are.

Be aware that you are not confined to your body. You all deliberately created your bodies in the womb porously, so that the light of your truth can expand out, and the angels that walk with you can make themselves known. We are with you. You walk with eternity, for that is who you are, and you are perfect Love come to play in the playground of imperfection. Imperfection is not your identity, nor dearest ones, have you ever really left Home because the truth is that Love cannot leave Itself. Where would you go? There is no place but eternity. Nothing can threaten the essence of who you are, the eternity of your goodness, and the perfection of your Love. Be aware of the Company you keep. Welcome yourselves into this particular moment of your eternity. Recognize that there is wisdom stored within you that you have not yet touched, gifts that you have not begun to remember for you to offer first to yourselves and then to others. Hold yourselves in highest esteem. Could you possibly believe that you touch every part, every iota of your planet and everyone upon it ? But no, you have been taught to adhere to illusion and fear in its infinitely varied forms.

Your return trip ticket back to the Oneness is guaranteed. When you ultimately leave your body to come Home, I will be there to greet you, of course, as will all those beings who have seemed to have left you before this. The first thing that we will say to each other is, "You see; nothing is impossible." Bear with me -- you have come through lifetimes, you have lived in hundreds, some of you thousands of different places on the planet. You have experienced all the joy and all the suffering, the entire gamut of human possibility, so is it not clear that nothing is impossible? You are here again, locked again it seems, into the cage of limited understanding, the necessary narrowing of eternal vision to be able to live a human life. But anything you want is possible. You are not victims. You are the creators of absolutely everything. Hear this as the beginning of self remembering. These are not just words. These are facts. There are no rules in the time we have when angel and human consciously speak. It is simply who you are in this moment that is the miracle, not how you were taught to behave. The child is born and a light shines, a letter from Home. Those given the lenses of fear (everyone in some manner) with which to perceive the world, cannot bear the light. "No. No," fear says, "we must do something about this . We can't have a vibrant perfect being walking on the planet! " So there is an immediacy that hushes the voice of truth, that quiets the remembering. We are not making villains of anyone, because you have come precisely to forget, and you are amply assisted from the very beginning of your lives since you are born into families of human beings who are afraid, even perhaps with greater density and forgetting.

Follow your heart, follow the moments when you are joyous, when you want to laugh and sing. Those are the moments when, if only you believe and allow yourself, you could leap free of gravity and swing on the moon. Is the rest just plodding? That's entirely up to you. You are not victims of a human life, you are creators of it. The mind asks with good intent, "How can I keep focused on Love? How can I keep myself from wandering too far off course?" I tell you don't try to prevent it. You came to enter illusion, not to stand outside of the mirror. You came to dive into the middle of it, going into deepest darkness and bringing light. So, when you find yourselves lost and wondering, please, do not for one moment consider that you have failed. The moments of recognizing, "I'm lost, I have just wandered away again from the truth of who I am," are glorious moments for, in that instant of remembering, all that has ever been returns to light.

You have made no mistakes. I know you're all raising your eyes to heaven and saying, "Well you haven't been watching me." Not one of you has ever made a mistake. You say "Yes" in those rare moments. Such moments are rare, not because they are rationed to you, but because the power of such instants far surpass years of forgetting. In those moments all things have come back to the centering of truth. So, can you live a human life without fearing, without forgetting, without turning away? No, you cannot. But you can bring heaven and earth together by being willing to forget, and then welcoming yourself back to remembering without self-criticism. So whenever you are aware that you have been lost in forgetting, those are important moments. Fear and the world would say, "Now we have to add up how much this has cost you, and we must inflict the appropriate fine upon you." No. ,You are doing exactly what you have come to do, nothing more, nothing less, to transform your world and that moment of Yes. That is enough. There is nothing more to be done.

Each one of you and indeed everyone on the planet, holds the power of choice. Do hear this -- the power of choice. There are those who choose not to come. You are beings of light and (I want to write this in capital letters) you have the right to say: "NO! NO TO EVERYTHING!" Do you hear that? You have said "yes." Why have you said yes? It isn't because you are supposed to. It isn't because you are in dire straits. Your heart has called you, and you have said yes. We send out the invitations and angels say yes or no. Well, one wonders, is it the angel that says yes or no, or is it the human being that says yes or no? It is the ANGEL-HUMAN. If it were just the angel there would be no purpose, for we are never separated... you have never left Home, don't you see that? Your Love never left Home. You cannot escape the Oneness.

Intellect complains, "But Emmanuel, divine purpose is so grim." It's not that divine purpose is sprinkled with laughter and filled with joy abundant, it is simply who you are. It carries with it, every moment you are willing to live it, a fulfillment so immeasurable that there is nothing that exists on the planet that can come close to what being present with yourself and your divine knowing can bring you. The human being, emptied of their divinity asks, "What can I do?" Look within yourself in a moment of silence, take a breath, and with your remembering you will find your way back to the truth of who you are, and your divine presence will be your gift to the planet.

THE WORLD IS LIGHTENING. There are those called now onto the planet who do not hold the requirement of such deep forgetting. There is indeed a transformative process manifesting on your planet so that there is more light, there are more angels willing to remember the nature of their true being. There is the imminence of the planet moving out of the darkness and into the light. Though the world seems to be marching with the threat of annihilation, there are enough of you who can breathe in truth, who can remember the essence of who you really are, who can be fully present in as many moments as you are able, and willing to say "Yes!" to what you know. You have come not to preserve physical manifestation through all eternity, but to bring the light of truth to where truth seems not to be, and thus honor eternity beyond itself, and yourselves as well.

- Emmanuel

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