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#3550 - Monday, June 1, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -

"Every dollar you spend is actually a vote for the kind of world you want to live in."

I can't tell you who said that. At the time I first read it, it didn't seem all that earth shattering a realization, but it stuck in my mind and kept coming up at odd moments when there was a choice about spending money. It's been rattling around my head like some wierd mantra for over a year, and honestly, it has changed my life. Because we know how connected everything and everybody is in this global economy, it is quite literally true. We are making the world we live in with whatever we choose to support.   Perhaps a little off the wall for Nonduality Highlights, but here are some random stories concerning money from a blog, a magazine devoted to intelligent optimists, a Bizlightenment website, ordinary heroes, and lastly some Swedes creating a really good time with their kroner. The NoMind Festival? -Gloria  

Speaking of the increased amount of negativity and irrelevancy flowing out from the media lately, I believe it's depressing our moods (and my 401k--and personal income, too I might add). Getting bombarded several times a day with negativity is just not healthy or helpful. It's times like these when I need more energy, more creativity, more connections in my life....   Recently, I canceled our local daily newspaper, said "no" to cable (again) and have limited my own doses of NPR to thoughtful and interesting programs such as "Fresh Air", "On Point" and "This American Life".

For the past month, I've been getting my news from these generally positive and useful sources: [see blog for list.]
And, since I've made these changes, I feel that I've essentially regained control of my information and outlook. I'm keeping informed about things that I want to know about. And, less informed of what someone else believes is important for me to be told and to believe. I'm less pissed off. I'm more content with what I have. I'm less anxious about stuff like swine flu, failing banks, global warming and threats to social security. And, I am participating in discourses that are more helpful and meaningful to me personally. Discourses that could lead to increased good. Since these changes...

I've been happier.
Less stressed. Richer.

"You become what you think about all day long."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  In the spirit of "less is more" Ode Magazine (the magazine for intelligent optimists) came out with It's "Organic Top 20" list today.  


Ode is a print and online publication about positive news, about the people and ideas that are changing our world for the better.

Ode was founded in the spring of 1995 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands by Jurriaan Kamp and Helene de Puy. Kamp, a former editor and correspondent with the leading Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, and de Puy wanted to create an alternative to mainstream publications, a magazine that was open to new inspirations and new visions from around the world. The cover of the first issue - a close-up image of a radiant woman laughing out loud - captured the joy and spontaneity they wanted Ode to embody.


The altruism in economics

Standard economic theory states that people are interested only in their own material gain. But new insights from behavioral economics show that altruism rather than avarice is our primary motivation.

Jeremy Mercer


Poo power to the people!
Guardian | May 28, 2009

The German town of Lünen will launch a rather unusual biogas network this year. Cow and horse manure - as well as

other organic materials - are set to provide cheap and sustainable electricity for its 90,000 residents. "This sustainable technology

allows local production of local power, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and fuel imports," says Peter Kindt, director of Alfagy Ltd.

Sometimes good news comes with an unpleasant odor...  

Several issues could be devoted to exploring this website. It's huge, while it seems to be still in an early developmental stage, and is offered here just for the novelty alone.  

If ever in need of some inspiration, see how these ordinary people have made an extraordinary difference. Just feels good to know such people exist.  

No Mind Festival gives you the opportunity to discover and experience the joy, creativity, playfulness and love, which is HERE, and in each NOW!

No Mind offers a huge and exciting variety of workshops on themes such as:

• Love • Meditation • Relationships • Dance • Yoga •
• Communication • Sexuality • Shamanism • Satsang •
• Creativity • Permaculture • m.m m.m

No Mind is also a great musical experience – We bring together world renowned artists and local talent and offer many wonderful concerts and musical experiences for a whole week!
  (Thanks to Peter Holleran on Wisdom-l)

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