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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #356

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Before you wrote the first
letter of your first premise,
There is That which subsumes
all premises, all events,
all states of awareness.

It even subsumes the silliness
written here - unbelievable
and yet it's true.





"value" is yet another concept. From a different
standpoint, all things are equally valuable or valueless.
Everything just occurs, there is no doer -- "the divine
play without purpose."

I can accept that the aftertaste left by words may have
value, if there is a person who values. But really, these
messages are just being "run off" by the Whole, there is no
doer involved. Like ocean waves crashing to the shore and
then receding, these messages appear and disappear,
unconnected to any "individual" authors. They appear and
then they disappear, uncaused, unwritten, unread.



Before any of this dawned on anybody, we were not free of
concepts. Perhaps we didn't know that we were driven by
concepts, or we didn't know or care, what and why any of
this IS, but we were not free of concepts.

How can you be free of concepts without first coming to
that conclusion?

Mental images were "forced upon us". An infrastructure and
"visualization system" were "created" to plant a seed, to
use the concepts to remove the concepts.

So how do I free myself of these concepts? Because somebody
tells me to? From what I see, it doesn't seem to work that
way? One must first conceptualize the reality.

It's really really strange isn't it?

Doesn't it sort of make you "feel" the stuff of God?



It's quite simple really :)))) hahahahahahaha everything
*is* projection. There's nothing i can do, that does not
become part of the projection. "Not become part of the
projection" makes it look like parts that form a whole,
which is of course not so, there are no parts. I have this
feeling that everything contains the whole, even that
everything *is* the whole, There is only conflict because
the way our minds operate make us believe there are parts.
Every movement (movement in the broadest possible sense)
*is* a projection, because the movement is not and can not
be separate from the projection. It is one. Just as there
is no thought without content, there is no conciousness
without projection, it is one and the same. All our efforts
to explain it are futile, because the explanation and
conciousness are one and the same.

I hope a lot of you do not agree, otherwise there will be
no continuation of this list and i would like to continue
explaining things that can't be explained, just for the fun
of it. I can not see that this entire business will lead to
something else but much fun and a lot of laughs. Seeing all
our struggle (especially my own), it really is very very
funny. There must be some mysterious reason that i do not
just say goodbye to you all and leave it for what it is. It
must be the fun. Yes, indeed, it's like in the movies. I'll
settle for that :)


NASIR: I would be glad if all of you here wish to share
your knowledge and wisdom with me. Please tell me the
meaning of life. Thanks.

MICHAEL:By way of allegory and myth - just for fun:

Well, there I WAS, Nasir, this vast and incomphrehensible
BEING filling all of the VOID. One non-day I decided that I
wanted to do SOMETHING so I 'created' EVERYTHING. Why?
Because I COULD! So, I DID!

Then I dove into it, you might say, and fired IT all up and
set IT into MOTION. Every once in a GREAT WHILE one of the
countless forms of apparently sentient beings will just
stop for a moment to gaze out upon the PLAY and wonder -
'What does it all mean?'

I LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH at the wonderful STORY of

SILLY and DRAMATIC, ain't it?

With LOVE,

Your closest FRIEND and Ally - BEING. :-))))))))))))))))


Peace - Trust - Michael


HANS: I suppose everybody looks at death from his or her
own level of awareness. From my level of awareness, it
sounds scary, even on this list, if someone says that he or
she is looking forward to die (physically speaking). From
my perspective, to say one does not fear death is something
quite different than to say one is looking forward to it.
It sounds like making a choice to me. (...)

MIGUEL-ANGEL: I understand your point. This reminds me of a
story I recently read on the list, about a saint on the
point of dying and inviting anyone of those present to join
him and thus reaching instant enlightenment. No one
accepted the invitation. I wonder why. Is it that nobody
had real faith? Or is it that anyway enlightenment is not a
good enough prize to die for it? Surely the former, no?
Then it's all a question of faith, of conviction. I feel
that if you are really persuaded that with death you come
to your source, shedding everything that you are not, and
getting free of all attachments and wrong ideas, then
certainly death is something to look forward to. Which of
course doesn't mean actively seeking death. It is rather a
question of how you see death, as a calamity, as something
indifferent, or as the end of all misery, of self-delusion,
and the return home.

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