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#3565 -Tuesday, June 16, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights  

    "ATMA DARSHAN's Preface" - Video Commentary Part 1 of 5 Parts  

by Greg Goode  

n what may be the first-ever teaching video on the direct path, and an amazing gift for anyone who seeks enlightenment or wants to understand the direct path teaching, Greg Goode created the first of a 5-part illustrated intro to ATMA DARSHAN's Preface:  

I found the 6 minute video went very quickly. I was just getting into it, when it ended. Greg is one of the few world teachers of Direct Path, so this video is a great opportunity for all.  

Excerpting a few lines from this video, Greg says, "Atmananda's method is basically deconstructing the world into thought and deconstructing thought into consciousness. ... Atmananda uses methods without being attached to methods. ... this self-awareness about how one proceeds is something that only the very best teachers in the Advaita tradition do ... The entire approach is's for someone who wants to realize the truth with the help of Atma Darshan. ... It's a way of being flexible and broad; it's a way of opening the mind and opening the heart to a fuller understanding."  

Greg writes on his website:   "ATMA DARSHAN's Preface" - Video Commentary Part 1 of 5 Parts  (AVI video by Greg Goode, 6 minutes)

Because the Preface is so often skipped over or thought to be sort of obscure, I wanted to cover it. Atmamanda lays his cards on the table and tells you about the models and approaches he uses in the text. This is a rare opportunity - the chance to have a friendly and masterful teacher guide you along, explaining how he's going about it, while keeping no secrets to himself. This video is Part 1 of of a proposed 5-part series (so as to keep the run-times short) - just on the Preface! The book is so compact and sutra-like, that unfolding it the way it deserves could take months. Maybe years.

Please excuse the large file size. I wanted the audio to be high fidelity.

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