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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3570, Sunday, June 21, 2009, Editor: Mark

It is only through silent awareness that our physical and mental nature can change. This change is completely spontaneous. Making an effort to change, we do no more than shift our attention from one level, to another, remaining in the vicious circle. This only transfers energy from one point to another. It still leaves us oscillating between suffering and pleasure, each leading inevitably inevitably back to the other. Only living stillness, stillness without someone trying to be still, is capable of undoing the conditioning our biological, emotional and psychological nature has undergone. There is no controller, no selector, no personality making choices.

-Jean Klein from I Am

Can your mind empty itself of all your possessions, beliefs, theories, knowledge, understanding, and simply remain as a search, a pure inquiry not influenced by anyone or anything, even your own past?

- A.H. Almaas, from Diamond Heart - Book Three

The psyche must be re-aligned with the pure Me. This is a complex process, for the subconscious mind and the emotional body are not conscious and have been crystallised throughout many lifetimes and numberless experiences. Even from this lifetime we carry so many wounds, blocked energies and unconscious negative patterns, that we can hardly conceive of healing all of them.


For that reason, in the end a wise man becomes completely silent, transcending any conceptualization. But even though non-conceptualization is the highest state, representing the ultimate surrender, it still, in a paradoxical way, must include a certain destined understanding and clarity regarding the meaning of our existence.

- Aziz Kristof from Transmission of Awakening

Self Remembering is the main tool for evolution in this system. The idea is that going about our normal everyday lives we don't remember ourselves. That is we tend to throw our identification, following our attenion, to whatever our senses are picking up.

Self Observation should be practiced uncritically. Do not become identified with what you observe. Try to separate psychologically from all negative thoughts, states, and feelings. Release anxiety, let personality be passive, and observe. In this way one can create the necessary "space" between the core identity and the personality to start Self Remembering.

Inner Considering- In seeking the love and approval of those around us we identify with how people perceive us or how we imagine they perceive us. In wanting things from others we give our personal power away to them.

Inner Stop - In dealing with negative emotions we can use Inner Stop and Inner Silence to make a conscious choice not to identify with these thoughts. When we become aware of thinking negatively we simply stop. It is a very empowering feeling to break this normally automatic process.

Unnecessary Talking/Inner Silence - The inner voices that constantly comment, categorize, criticize, complain, and condemn, depleting our precious energies in a nonstop stream of vain chatter. We may call this "thinking". In reality, we are terrified of the emptiness of silence. Inner silence is confrontive. If we don't fill it up, we may be forced to see ourselves as we are, not as we imagine ourselves to be.

- Team Fourth Way

Hypersyllabic lyric with catalexis (for Mary Oliver)

There's budding in the springtime;
fruiting in the fall;
flowering in the summertime;
but winter comes to all.

- Michael Shepherd

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