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#3574 - Thursday, June 25, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights


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Dear Friends,   

So, how do we live This Light of Truth here in the world? I think by faith and trust that what we glean of This Truth. That the little inklings of insight and clarity that come to us, are True and Real.  

Often, for me, when I feel worried, fearful, anxious, I will have 'back up' and look again, begin again.   I return to The Source.  I look for the one thing that always brings me Peace.  The one thing that I cannot deny; I cannot deny that I am aware.  That is a fact.  Then, with the return to that insight, it becomes clear to me that everything is within this awareness, and not the other way around;there is no thing, and nothing outside of this awareness.  That is a soothing note.  The fact that everything is within awareness, that, right there, is a big relief.   This one little insight alone brings me peace. I can rest in this small glimmer of Truth; that nothing is ever outside of awareness---and further more, this awareness belongs to Godhead, Divine Light, All Knowing, All Loving Living Presence.  Realizing that I am not outside of awareness and no one else is either, I let go of my fears. I am back with The Grace of God's Light that is being All That Is.  I rest in this fact of Life.    

If all things are within awareness then time and space are not outside of awareness, therefore all our loved ones, past present and future, all things that ever were or will be, must be here in awareness, in and as This Living Truth I Am.  Life Eternal Am I since I am this awareness which is the awareness of God's and not 'mine'.  This Awareness encompasses, includes and Is being all those I love and all things I love.  Nothing is lost or gone from This Awareness, ever.   Or as William Samuel writes it all so well and clearly in his book titled Two Plus Two Equals Reality:

     "Are you not aware of being right now? Of course you are. You are aware of these words. Is not this very Awareness all inclusive to you?  Have you ever been outside it? Have you ever seen a sight that did not come to you as this very Awareness? Certainly not. Does not this Awareness include the mountains, the oceans, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the Pleiades and all the galaxies? This Awareness really is alone and all to you, is it not?  Honesty, total honesty, will not allow you to answer otherwise. The Awareness that reads this book is infinite.  It is alone. It is all. It is the Divine Awareness of Existence. It is God's knowledge of Himself. It is God's knowledge of being God. It does not belong to 'another'. It is not contained nor possessed by 'another'. It is not beholden to 'another' called Bill or Mary or John. This Awareness, this very Awareness, that is aware right here, right now, is God's Awareness of being all that God is. The 'responsibility' is God's. The 'burden' is God's. This Awareness is free. Awareness has never really been bound to a body called Bill, Mary of John, nor judged by any of their judgments, nor limited by these limitations. Awareness says to those who are weary and heavy laden, “Leave the separate sense of self and return to me and I will give you rest.” (William Samuel)

I stand by William's marvelous message because I have seen that the Truth he tells us is Real and Honest and It works wonders in our lives.  I know that acknowledging and then living this Absolute Fact, in some strange and mystical way, makes all things new and creates perfect outcomes. The heart and mind at Peace seems to manifest Itself in a tangible way.  You will literally see that what you were concerned or worried about, will turn out just fine. Knowing this is true, sometimes it is even helpful to say "Thank You Father" before you see the manifestation of This Goodness and Light done.  Watch and see.  The Peace you find and the claming rest in your Heart will manifest in miraculous and joyfully wonderful and positive results. Understanding 'who you are' and clearly knowing the Facts of Life, the Truth of God's Allness and Grace; the realization of Truth and Its Knowing does indeed bring you the actual proof that All Is Well.  I have witnessed this well being and Its tangible evidence every time I 'Let go and let God' in my life-- I have seen the Living Power of Love and Grace work in my life.

You can find a free PDF of this book Two Plus Two Equals Reality  at our website:


I have posted the Summer Journal Notes on our website.  You an access them here:

All of William Samuel's books are available through me, or if you prefer, through Amazon Books.

Enjoy and Love, Sandy Jones (Literary Executor) 

[email protected]

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