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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3577, Sunday, June 29, 2009, Editor: Mark

The world exists because you exist, but you are not the world. Objects of consciousness, names and forms, are the world. But reality, ever still, is beyond them. It is purely by reflex that you insist upon the name and form, and this reality escapes you.

- Jean Klein, from Neither This Nor That I Am

The guru does not talk to individuals. He is Consciousness talking about Consciousness to Consciousness.

- Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels


Nasrudin was passing through the Land of Fools one day, on donkey-back. On the road he passed two local worthies, plodding along on foot. "Good morning," said the Mulla.

"I wonder why he spoke to me, and not to you?" one of the fools said to the other.

"You idiot, it's me he spoke to--not you!"

Soon they were scuffling on the ground. But then it struck them both at once that they could run after Nasrudin and ask him to settle the question. They jumped up and scampered after him.

When they finally caught him up, they shouted together: "Which of us were you saying 'Good morning' to?"

The Mulla said: "The greater of the two fools!"

"That's definitely me!" said the first fool.

"Nonsense, it's obviously me!" said the other.

Nasrudin left them struggling in the dust.

as collected by Idries Shah, posted to SufiMystic

The Source, The One, God

A Humble Mind's Interpretation:

Words can never capture that which is beyond all things, but here we go anyway.

The One knows itself as the only reality. This is unquestionable.

The peace, that is the One, is beyond anything that the mind can comprehend. It is absolute. It is a peace born from timeless existence and sole presence that is truly at home with itself. It is a peace that just one taste of would satisfy a human mind for a lifetime. It is a peace so profound that nothing can disrupt it - just as nothing can touch space, nothing can touch this all-prevailing peace. It is vibrant stillness and screaming silence.

The source knows itself as timeless- without beginning and without end. This knowing is absolute. There is absolute certainty in the existence of the One. No question can arise in the One, as all is clearly known. Not a knowing of things, as the human mind collects, (although that is present moment to moment), but a knowing of the single reality, that I Am. The Love and Peace of the One are the same - seemingly different yet in perfect harmony and balance. Nothing moves, while everything is vibrant and seemingly alive.

As seeming individuals, we use a word called love. When speaking of the Love that is the One, the human conditional love is something different. The Love of the One, like the Peace, is absolute and unassailable. It is a Love that is complete and present in a source that is timeless. The mind would draw the analogy to a Love and Peace that have evolved into perfection over a timeless existence. Yet, the word perfection is too limiting.

The One knows itself as all pervading yet without location or space to fill. The One knows itself as absolute power - absolute presence, yet nothing to effect.

The One - as the attempt above describes, is what you are. The One does not exist without what you are and you are not without the One. One presence. One Consciousness. One awareness. There are no individuals within the One.

- from John Greven's site.

My God and My Lord

Eyes are at rest, the stars are setting.
Hushed are the stirrings of birds in their nests,
Of monsters in the ocean.

You are the Just who knows no change,
The Balance that can never swerve,
The Eternal which never passes away.

The doors of Kings are bolted now and guarded by soldiers.
Your Door is open to all who call upon You.

My Lord,
Each love is now alone with his beloved.
And I am alone with You.

- Rabia al Basri

The World is Never Far From Him

He who is perfect in the Path of Faith
Will never be deceived by Adam's clay:
He will always see the Light in Adam -
Its brilliance will not remain a secret.
In stone, wood, straw, or mountain
He will at all times see nothing but God.
Didn't Bayazid himself see God in all things?
He saw the Face of God in the tiniest leaf.
The world is never far from Him:
Could its perfume stray far from the rosegarden?
He who is deprived of the sense of smell
Cannot distinguish fragrances
Just as the stream-bed isn't conscious
Of the water always flowing through it.
If I revealed any more about these things
The two worlds would disappear
And I would become His enemy
And he would light a fire in my soul and body.

- Sultan Valad

I saw and found I am in everything
I saw God effulgent in everything.
After hearing and pausing see Siva
This House is His alone; Who am I, Lalla.

- Lalla

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