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#3579 - Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights - The first periodical publication on nonduality - Submissions welcome    

June 3, 2009, was the Tenth Anniversary of the Nonduality Highlights. We forgot! We'll try to remember the Twentieth.   We were originally called the Nonduality Salon Digest. Then we simply called it The Highlights. For most of our history we were the Nondual Highlights. The last year or so, the Nonduality Highlights.  

Thank you for being a great audience of readers and contributors. Thanks to Gloria Lee and Mark Otter and past editors.    

I found this notice on our local Spirituality site at  

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There are several nondual and nondualish teachers included such as Genpo Roshi, Barbara Marx Hubbard, David Deida, Dan Millman, Arjuna Ardagh.    


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the Fall of 2008, Peter Baumann, a bay area philanthropist (who a number of you know personally), approached me with an idea that had been brewing in him for some time - to start an institute dedicated to the scientific and experiential investigation of the nature of awareness and its relationship to well-being. He asked if I would be interested in serving as the Institute's executive director, a position which, I'm pleased to say, I gladly accepted.

Over the past few months, Peter and I have been meeting with a number of scientists and teachers of awareness around the country in an effort to clarify our vision and mission and begin to focus how the Institute will be directing its energies and resources as it moves forward.  We thought you would be interested in knowing about this very exciting undertaking, one we feel holds potentially profound implications for our understanding of human health and well-being.

We have now developed a website that describes who we are and the areas we are interested in exploring and potentially providing grant support for. Here is the link:

Warmest Regards,
John Astin, PhD
Executive Director
The Baumann Institute
1770 Post Street, #185
San Francisco, CA 94115

jeusisbuen wrote:  

I don't know, but I felt so bad today--maybe as a result of recent use of psychedelic substances,
which are great while you are high but murder on the way back down--anyway, I felt so bad and
remorseful--haha, me,the great non-doer--that I understood clearly the beauty of having something
to pray to, to fall back on, to be devoted to, to hope in, etc.. Pure nonduality is fine--but when
you find yourself full of terrific regret and despair and are afraid to lie down to sleep for fear
of how you will feel when you wake.... well maybe you need something with a little more body to
it.I say, peace at any price.    


yosy wrote:  

:) pure nonduality is not a state nor a condition. truth is not personal. as long as there is
identification with feelings, emotions etc, this remains an intellectual/mental exercise in self
deception, whether induced by psychadelics, by religious fevor or esoteric meditation techniques.  

real nondual self-realization is marked absence of any "i"dentity...

"enlightenment" is a complete
transformation and dissolution of identity/persona/individuality and irrevocable. until then all
the clever speculations and intelligent imaginations effectively hinder, block and prevent the
arising of direct manifestation of unmediated knowing/being...

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