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Highlights #360

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as me....


Who exists?
I am existence


Who is I am?

Who is Andrew?

Who cares? :)



"Prior to" any subject that could
seek and not find an object,
emptiness has no before nor after.

Its absence is presence of all "things",
By not being, it is All and each,
each in All, and All as each.

Emptiness is openness.
Everything is fully open,
this is why not a thing exists.



To a lion, human concerns must look mighty mysterious. If the lion
forgets he is a lion, drops the concept of "lion-ness," he is then a
human being, a giraffe, a gerbil, a spider, an elephant... he can see
through the "eyes" of the All. Empty, he is full. Nothing, he is


Seeing through the eyes of all,
naming the ten thousand things.
The very "seeing" itself, who can
account for it?

All-seeing, never being,
Awakened One.

Push the needle through the cloth.
On the other side, the stitches are
undone, all is seemlessly woven.

The farther I come, the
less I have moved.
The nearer I get, the
farther You are.


MICHAEL J offers Nisargadatta :

"Love is will, the will to share your happiness with all.
Being happy, making happy, this is the rhythm of love."

--sri nisargadatta maharaj



I once was given a letter from God dictated by
a very dear friend.

It was a very long letter, but here is a small snippet
of it:

"If you listen to your voice speaking, I am firstly
speaking through you to you. So listen to what
you say. I am your voice. I use your voice to
converse with you - before it even reaches
another's ears. Your thoughts are not just
floating words. I use them to converse with you.
Note well your thoughts. Can you hear me? Look
around you now. What do you see? Yes - it is
me. Be still a moment and bear what I am saying.
Surrender to me. It is your victory. "

This has been so true for me. My words
are my own best teacher.

Check out this site of a friend of mine.




Illusion is what seems real, but later
is seen as unreal, in contrast.

Thus, reality is illusion in reference
to yet-to-be reality.

In this sense, illusion is reality,
temporarily. And whatever reality
is temporary, is illusion, compared
with yet-to-come reality.

Seen this way, in terms of time,
any illusion may be reality,
any reality may later be

This 'now' is illusion in reference to
a yet-to-be 'now'. Even our understanding
of a Now that 'has no now or then' is
a subject to later change.

The question then is this:
as illusion is taken temporarily
as reality,
and as reality seems real now,
but will later be illusion,
what is it that is changing
from reality to illusion to

'What is changing' can be discussed
in many ways: time, perception,
being, self, but all of these
discussions will also change.

The "what" that is changing
remains unsaid, unspeakable.

It is this unspeakable "what"
that is Reality.

Thus, if I say I exist, I identify
with illusion, and if I
say I don't exist, I contradict
my Reality.


Yes, your last sentence rings true. however...

if the "what" that is changing is said to be "everything",
then reality (existence) is everything, and illusions are
In saying I exist, I identify with everything, the all.
In saying I don't exist, I identify with the unspeakable,
admit to illusion.
Thus, illusion is the denial of existence.

Saying I exist or don't exist matters little, since 'what' is, is.
So the question is: would you rather exist or not exist. :-)



The *unconditioning* can only be done by the *non-conditioned* otherwise
there will only be further conditioning, although one may think it's
unconditioning. So my question if who is unconditioning who.
Reconditioning is not the same as unconditioning. Reconditioning is
replacing one thing by another of the same quality (and that's what we are
good at..........). Replacing *bad* thoughts with *good* thoughts.


There is no "unconditioning" to be done. Just see the conditioning
very, very clearly as conditioning, and it will go. J. Krishnamurti
outlined this point again and again. Any "doer" of unconditioning is
itself conditioning (e.g. the "me" is a conditioned concept). Beyond
the "me" there is no doer. Things simply occur.

Nobody is unconditioning anybody. Conditioning goes when it sees
itself clearly and thoroughly.



Taking a path prescribed by someone like Nisargadatta is like buying
a cheap suit. It will fit, but not perfectly. Taking what is right
for you according to your disposition, from many different paths, is
like a tailored suit -- it fits perfectly. In other words, to forge
your own "path" is the best way. Find the "inner Guru" and follow.



like a geyser welling up from within .. like an ineffable flowering ..

a recognition that, on occasion, what is perceived (a living mirror) is
the essence of food for the actualization of an ever clearer harmonic.

a recognition that, from within the soft flowing geyser, are deeply
planted seeds which rest in a bed of stillness. When before them appear
a kindred still mirror, the reflection bears Life. It is Life seeking
Life. Self using the ever fluid mirror of Self to actualize itSelf.

A recognition of the grace of how projection serves to enliven ever more
refined currents.

I meet you within. Carried upon some of your words is a stream which
enters the well of my deepest heart. The freedom taste of the stream is
met with open gratitude from the thirst which has long since felt
satisfied with the projections of meaning and ritual.

I quite suddenly, last night, understood (from what appears the inside)
the grace and the purpose of projection. To taste and surrender to what
arises, we meet here to see the reflection of the boundless pool.

turned inside out..


MIGUEL-ANGEL offers some Nisargadatta:

All thinking is in duality. In identity, no thought
survives. (335)

When you go beyond awareness, there is a state of
non-duality, in which there is no cognition, only pure
being. (409)

Consciousness is on contact, a reflection against a
surface, a state of duality. (29)

In the state of non-duality, all separation ceases.

Thank you Miguel-Angel.. I read the digests after posting an attempt at
articulation of a movement withinwhich I appear to be contained. I see
that 'projection' and 'mirror' etc., are words pointing in many
directions... "a reflection against a surface". This sharing from
Nisargadatta collapses all terms.

the breath of life..


ANTHONY CRAIG offers some Wei Wu Wei
Here are a few of what he offered:


Humility, metaphysically, implies the absence of any
entity to be either 'proud' or 'humble.'


Awakening is agreeing to attend your own funeral.


Suffering? Why are you suffering? Because you are a
case of mistaken identity.


Whatever you may be, you are being 'lived.' You are
not travelling, as you think: you are being
'travelled.' Remember: you are in a train. Stop trying
to carry your own baggage yourself! It will come along
with you anyhow.


'Pure Thought' is seeing things as they appear -
without arguing (thinking) about them, just 'seeing,
seeing, seeing,' as Rumi said. Above all, without


For you seeing is believing,
For me seeing is - just seeing.


The final truth is not to be grasped for the reason
that that which wants to grasp it is also part of that
which is to be grasped.


LARRY offers few lines from Krishna Menon
(Sri Atmananda) :

5. Deep Sleep, Nirvikalpa Samadhi and Natural State.

I It is in Consciousness that objects rise. Therefore when they
disappear what remains over is this consciousness and not nothingness.

II If this truth takes deep root in thought, deep sleep--giving up its
character of veiling the Reality--becomes transformed into nirvikalpa

III When objects are also realised as nothing other than
Consciousness, one comes back to one's true nature which is changeless
and above all states including samadhi.

from "Atma Darshan" available at Blue Dove Press


from MANUEL:

daily meditations for seekers of Truth

May 28, 2000

The limitations of words are clearly seen when they try to remind the
Absolute of its true nature.
Being merely the expression of thought, they can neither expose ignorance,
which is nonexistent,
nor reveal the Absolute to which they owe their existence.
For this purpose words are as useless as a lamp at midday,
which can neither dispel the darkness that is not there nor reveal the light
of the sun.


How do you see yourself?
You see your body, or rather a part of it, and identify yourself with it.
The appearance of your body in consciousness is perceived and interpreted by
you exactly as it is done by any other observer.
Your own interpretation of yourself is as ephemeral and illusory as that of
others (though maybe a little more flattering).
But any thought about yourself, whether your own or someone else's, is only
a temporary mental image.
The solid personality you think yourself to be is nothing more than a flimsy
succession of these images stored in the memory.
As a person, that is all that you are. But is that truly you?

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