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#3600 - Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz\

Nonduality Highlights

Radiance of Being: A Blog on Nonduality

by Rodney Stevens


Right at this moment, what is present in addition to any passing thought or bodily sensation?


You have to be awake to realize that you are already awake. Meditation is merely a form of drowsiness.


There is no YOU to be "enlightened." You are not your thoughts, emotions, and body. You are the spaciousness in which they arise. Stay with your deep conviction or notion until you see the truth of this for yourself. When I say to remain with this, I don't mean that you should concentrate or meditate. Just naturally and easily ponder it. In that way, you will have your answer, an answer that has always been in plain view.


Be suspect of overly-conceptual questions (e.g., "What is just?", "What is my place in the universe?", "What should be my moral imperative?", etc). How will the pursue such matters clarify your self-knowledge?


Awareness is the radiance by which consciousness is recognized.


Nondual talks and retreats can be enormously beneficial. The dialogues (with a self-realized teacher or speaker), the concerted energy, and the naturally occurring silences can all assist in engagingly bringing you back to the question of who and what you truly are.


You don't require a single thing to recognize your natural state. It is simply being overlooked. You are peering beyond it, so to speak, at sundry thoughts, experiences, sensations, and conditioning. Particularly enthralling is the false and antiquated notion that self-knowing connotes bliss and involves attaining something that is not already completely present.


Time is a concept. It is simply another thought or idea arising in presence. You say that you hope to "reach enlightenment" in a year or two. Or maybe even a decade! But awareness is already in full evidence. Who is this me that says that it will achieve this in X-period of time? That apparent "me" is the issue, not your innate and pristine clarity.


See right now that what you perceive as emptiness actually radiates with perceptible knowingness. It is thoroughly beyond and prior-to all thoughts, speculations, and spirituality.


You are aware of being conscious. Or to be more specific: You are aware of being awake, of being drowsy, and of dreaming. There is even awareness in deep sleep; otherwise, you would not be able to declare, "I slept so deeply!" Discover the fullness of this awareness for yourself. For that's the only way you can truly know it--not as an object or an experience, but as a genuine spaciousness that is none other than yourself.


What is being pointed to is your natural and ever-present state. You never move from this, even when "life" appears to toss you every conceivable direction. Pause a moment and take note of your nonconceptual, self-shining nature.


Self-realization is the end of all doubts, seeking, and suffering. There are simply no-more-questions. Pause and moment and consider the enormity of that fact. For heretofore, questions were literally all you had. Perhaps you even wondered if life could go on without them! Well, it most certainly can--a deeply felt life in which only presence prevails. And you are That.

August / September 2009 Retreat with Francis Lucille in Temecula, California

Dear Friend,

Due to the size of the facility, the number of participants to the Summer retreat with Francis Lucille in Temecula, California will be strictly limited to 60. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend that you notify us as soon as possible if you plan to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there.

In Love and Truth,


August 2009 Retreat with Francis Lucille in Temecula, California

Week #1 - Saturday, August 29th to Saturday, September, 5th

Week #2 - Saturday, September 5th to Saturday, September 12th

Location: the home of Francis & Laura Lucille on a serene hilltop in Temecula, California.
Tuition: $420 per week. You may join us for either or both weeks.

For further details visit

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