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#3663 - Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz


The Nonduality Highlights -



Endless Enlightenment


Is one "enlightened" with the cessation of identification with manifest form - body, mind, emotions, and all aggregates of personal identity?
Is one "enlightened" when one feels one's self expanded as all that is?
Is one "enlightened" when one feels one's Self to be only "That" within which all arises?
Is one "enlightened" with the cessation of identification even as "That"?


Is one "enlightened" when one feels one's self to be neither all that arises, nor "That" within which all arises?
Is one "enlightened" with the advent of ever-present, effortlessly arising Bliss?
Is one "enlightened" with the cessation of all grasping?

Liberation is liberation from Liberation.
There is no "enlightenment"; only Endless Enlightening.


~ ~ ~


What now?


What now?
The knowing mind is crippled by Wonder.
Like the vanished shadow of suffering, no seeking remains.
What now?
No movement here or there,
To this, from that.
Here in the Fullness and Completion,
Of the Beloved’s embrace,
I Rest.
What now for the jobless mind?
Take heart, old friend,
Curiosity and Wonder are your new delights.
What now?
Not a clue!
Laughter bursts forth, never before heard.
Huge, unbridled, Free.
How rude!
Who is this boisterous barbarian of Joy?!
Not a clue!



The storylines are seen now.


There’s an awareness of the apparent personality patterns that emerge and re-emerge continuously.


So predictable.




Sometimes, so heavy and dark.


Other times, so light and comical.


Sometimes, so chaotic and frightening.


Other times, so joyful and nonsensical.


There’s freedom amidst these complex patterns and narratives that seem to play out in this life,


And there’s nobody here causing them to happen or in control of them.


No freewill.


And yet, complete liberation.


Liberation ‘I’ will never know.


Liberation that is sensed at a deeper ‘level’.


Liberation that is never not sensed because there is only one level: THIS.


Stories and patterns simply arise.


For no one.


Thought says, “This shouldn’t be happening” or “What if this state ends?”


Thoughts seem to make these happenings so personal.


But there is no ‘personal’, just THIS.


Every thing points to Oneness.


Everything IS Oneness,


Even ‘my’ storylines and patterns.


- Nic





Responding to a writing by Jeff Foster in issue #3645 - - Vemuri Ramesam says...


I have reasons to believe that the first Question that Jeff referred to regarding the hunger of the African girl was the one posed by me, though understandably he did not mention names.  He acknowledges it to be a great question.  And thanks for that.


And what does come out at the end of all that long-winded blow hot blow cold response about the hunger?


A frustration that clearly stands out glaringly in our face as apparent from the two interrogatives in additon to the the swearing words in the ultimate sentence of his.


And just before venting the frustration, he says, "Feed her."


Can anything be more naive?  Was it not our very beginning question?  Is not the "feeding" the very problem in the world?   Have we not come back to square one?!


Whether it is the roach running to save its life from the lizard on the wall over there or a pack of panthers chasing a bison cruelly biting into the delicate parts of its butt in the forest, it is all about "feeding."  The prey-predator struggle, the cunning methods of aggression of the predator, the camouflage of the prey to save itself, the violence of the killer and the guaranteed misery for the victim are all about "feeding."


Humans continued this evolutionarily ingrained nature of biological systems to appease their dependence on food with their own covert and overt tricks of exploitation and victimization.


The non-exclusivity or all-inclusivity of Advaita hardly eliminates any of these dependencies and the inevitable violence beyond numbing certain qualia / reactions. That is why it appears to me that Advaita eliminates the "sufferer" rather than "suffering" per se.


When the "sufferer" ends but the body organism continues to live, he/she becomes a Jivanmukta.  His/her body, apparent or otherwise, needs oxygen, food, water etc., though he/she sees a Oneness and the snake-like illusiory appearance  of the world has ceased. It should really be quite revealing if we can investigate how the neuronal networks in the brain of a Jivanmukta function.


thanks and regards,
v. ramesam

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