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#3672 - Thursday, October 1, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Greg Goode's new book is now available through,, and through the publisher, Non-Duality Press. Greg was one of the people with the early vision to create a people's nonduality. As early as '99 he was holding local free-spirited gatherings: Nacho Satsang. He was on board for the earliest appearance of online nonduality, encouraged it, and was a magnet bringing people to that new venture.  

Published by Non-Duality Press, this book gives experiments so that your experience may be established as awareness.    


Standing as Awareness: The Direct Path  

By Greg Goode  

Inspired by Sri Atmananda (Krishna Menon), the Direct Path is a “pathless path.” It simply articulates the being of you and the world as loving, open, clear awareness. If this truth is realized as your experience, then nothing need be done. The path disappears, and life is lived in sweetness and celebration! But if there are still questions or doubts, the Direct Path contains unique and powerful resources that stabilize this truth as your everyday reality.  

This is a revised edition of the book, expanded to add chapters on the Direct Path in addition to its selection of dialogs from a decade of “Nondual Dinner” gatherings. The first three chapters unfold the basics of the Direct Path, such as standing as awareness, being in love with awareness, and exploring awareness. Included are several experiments that help establish your everyday experience as awareness always and already. The dialogs cover questions such as the desire for enlightenment experiences, the relationship between the brain and awareness, the question of “nondually-correct” language, the belief in physical and mental objects, the idea of having a sage’s experience, and more.  

“Greg is known for offering hands-on assistance with a direct inquiry that savors the reality of our experience. Dissolving belief itself, his radical approach helps you discover the nondual nature of the world, body and mind as one awareness, from bow to stern, leaving no stones unturned. This is Greg’s great gift:  he’s as clear as a bell.”   --Chris Hebard, editor,  

Standing as Awareness: The Direct Path  

By Greg Goode  

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