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#3678 - Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights

Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Am I There Yet?

The path of awakening is extremely well mapped, and it's mapped in different ways by different traditions. At certain stages maps can be useful; they point out the way. But at other stages they can be a big hindrance, because we often get caught up in interpretation and judgment: “How far along am I?” “Am I there?” These thoughts simply strengthen the sense of self, while the whole path is about dissolving it. And particularly in our Western culture, which is so competitive and judgmental, instead of adding more fuel to the fire of self-judgment—”Oh, where am I? I'm not good enough”—we could see our entire spiritual journey as this wonderful flowering of understanding. We just keep going; we just keep watering the Bodhi tree of wisdom.

–Joseph Goldstein, from “How Amazing!” Tricycle, Summer 1999

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Seeing Clearly

What does seeing clearly mean? It doesn't mean that you look at something and analyze it, noting all its composite parts; no. When you see clearly, when you look at a flower and really see it, the flower sees you. It's not that the flower has eyes, of course. It's that the flower is no longer just a flower, and you are no longer just you. Flower and you have dissolved into something way beyond what we can even say, but we can experience this. This kind of seeing, this kind of understanding is “as-it-is-ness.” This wonderful intuitive wisdom infuses everything we do, if we just open ourselves up to it, and forget about all our selfish, petty concerns, forget about what we want, what we must get, whether this is doing something for us. Forget it. We are here for the sake of all sentient beings, and we are one with all sentient beings when we come to see this as-it-is-ness.

–Maurine Stuart, from “Our One and Only Commandment,” Tricycle, Fall 1996

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"When I got home, I jumped up on my bed. I was lying on my back, with one hand on each of my dogs, Josie and Ma-Ling. As I petted the dogs, a thought arose: "Consciousness just wants to see itself." The sparks started firing again. I suddenly knew that I was not petting my dogs. I realized they were not separate from me.

I stood up, and walked around my apartment, completely stunned by what I was seeing. I was seeing the nature of reality beyond thought. I was seeing that there was no me separate from any "thing" I was looking at. It feels strange now to use subject/object language to describe the complete absence of separation. All thought stopped---completely. I saw myself as the floor, the wall, the desk, the window, the streetlight outside, and in everything else upon which these eyes fell. I found myself on the floor, grabbing at the carpet, and laughing my head off. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. I kept saying fervently, "None of this matters, none of this matters." You may ask, "What didn't matter?" My only answer was that it was clear that "nothing mattered," at least not in the way I had always thought. The search, the lack, the dissatisfaction, the fear, the anger, the resentment did not matter. It was all seen as a dream of self-centeredness.

I realized i cannot find myself because there is no self. I saw that I am what I had been seeking. But when I say, "I am," I mean the One, whatever that means. There is no Scott experiencing any of this. There is only the experiencing. 'This' was seeing itself. It was clear that whatever this word God is pointing to, it is right here, now. It is, and always was, right under my nose, as my nose, and everything on each side of it, behind it, inside it, and over it. The notion of seeking God was seen as pointless. It was realized that there was only 'This' and that nothing is separate from it.

The only thing that remained as the laughter released the dream of "Scott" was brilliant, loving space.This space was alive, fully alive and radiant. The miracle and the mystery of life was seen for the first time, yet it had always been there,

Scott Kiloby
Love's Quiet Revolution
A Word For Joy

I am happy among children's eyes
I am very worried and happy
among the crazy and the hopeless
they recognize me, right away
I'm home
And there is nowhere I would rather be
alive or dead
than in this world
Inside this skull I hold and ponder
unending space expanding if I understand correctly
at an accelerating rate, meanwhile
housing perpetual births and disappearances of its numberless
deafening nuclear furnaces unheard,
I consider the voices, identically soundless, in every
mind, behind each face I pass
and as I've been instructed each morning
on rising I obliterate the print of my body
and am glad (the wind is blowing, it is written, adore
the wind)
and am speechlessly grateful and glad and afraid
I don't mind saying that I am scared
to death of God: I am
afraid and blind and ignorant and naked and
I'll take it!
I have been happy here
among all the suffering eyes: why they were brought here
and exactly what it was they were expected
to take a good close look at,
I can't grasp it, but I am so very glad.

~ Franz Wright ~

(God's Silence)

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