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#3680 - Friday, October 9, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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jhalifax daido roshi died at 7:30am.


johnssylvest RT @yokoono Happy Birthday, John: Tribute Events for 9 October 2009 at


capitalSelf  "There are no causes in the observable world; it is a world of effects." Dr David R Hawkins


lux1008 people buy expensively what steals from their soul, and overlook true freedom which happens to be available for free


jhalifax  next year's mind and life conference on neuroecononomics


guruphiliac RT @EckhartTolle: What is the now? || Your personal cash register?


iamwun "If you knew how important you were, you would fragment into a billion pieces and just be light." ~Byron Katie


NSresearcher "Eat yourself happy? Mediterranean diet link to less depression"


graceisnow happy for no reason..


sonrivers only a dream can dream


nisarga1 A flame is not diminished when it lights another. Be the light of Love; Love is grown by giving it away. James


qjohn Poems on Devi Parvati


Baby Swing of Krishna


The carpenter has made a baby-swing adorned with jewels, gems, and gold; there are many toys kept around it and strings of beautiful pearls are hanging at the four corners.


Mother Yashoda, having done the Ubatana (application of pastes to cleanse the body) and bath of the baby, took Him in her lap. Then she kept Krishna in the baby-swing, kept a blanket over Him, and smiled with happiness.


Krishna is seven days old at that moment and His lips, feet, and palms are red. O Soordas! Having seen the reddish appearance of Krishna, the children in Vraj felt joyful.


Yashoda is swinging Krishna in a baby-swing. She moves the baby-swing and coaxes Krishna with voice out of affection. She sings whichever lullaby comes to Her mind.


[She sings] ‘O Sleep! Come in the eyes of my baby. Why don't you come and make Him asleep? Why don't you come running when Kanha (Krishna) is calling you?’


Sometimes Hari (Krishna) closes His eyelids and sometimes He parts His lips. Knowing that Krishna is sleeping, Yashoda remains quiet and asks others to remain quiet too.


And when Hari woke up during this time, Yashomati (Yashoda) sings in a melodious voice. O Soordas! The pleasure [of having Lord as a baby] which is unachievable for great sages is available to the consort of Nand (Yashoda).


Mother Yashoda is swinging Shyam (Krishna) in the baby-swing. She is singing with immense happiness and the wife of Nanda sinks deep in her thoughts due to emotions.


Lord responds by lifting His arms upwards and then Yashoda takes Him in her arms with happiness. O Soordas! Yashoda is pleased by Lord and her good deeds from past lives are getting repaid back.


[Yashoda is] swinging Krishna (Gopala) in a baby swing. Among the three-hundred thirty million demi-gods and sages, there is excitement about this event.


That Whose mysteries are beyond Brahma, and is not achieved by Shiv and Sanakadi, is now being seen by Yashoda who is happily swaying Krishna in the baby swing.


Krishna is rising up, smiling, and cackling with glee, thereby increasing the happiness and excitement. O Soordas! For the benefit of devotees, Shyam takes many forms.


Yashoda swings Krishna in the baby swing and thinks, ‘I am emotionally submitted to You, the one Who bestows bliss.’


Yashomati (Yashoda) thinks about her past blissful deeds and then gazes at the beautiful body of her son Krishna.


Krishna moves His body and smiles. Who will know the simile or metaphor for this image of Krishna? [No is implicit].


While swaying Krishna in the baby swing, Yashoda addresses as ‘Dear one!’ The playful sports of Krishna as a child are immense.


Yashoda is pleased after watching the face of the child. The Lord of Soordas (baby Krishna) is no one else but Vishnu, Who holds the Shaarnga-bow.


O Kanhaiya-! Swing in the swing. The carpenter has meticulously made and brought the swing and showed its working on the ground. O Ka-nha-! I am lost in Your charms; swing in the swing.


[Yas'oda- says] The carpenter was asking for hundred-thousand coins and Your father, Nanda, gave him two hundred thousand coins instead. I am lost in Your charms; swing in the swing. The swing has studded precious stones and a cord of silk. I am lost in Your charms; swing in the swing.


[Yas'oda- says] Sometimes swing in the swing, and sometimes swing in the lap of Nanda. I am lost in Your charms; swing in the swing. The dames of Vraja pull the cord of swing, and ‘Su-rada-sa’ is lost in the charms of Ka-nha-; swing in the swing.


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