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#3690 - Monday, October 19, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Alan Larus has been found alive and well on Facebook, so his marvelous photography can be seen here again.    

To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.
-Lao Tzu

When you desire the common good, the
whole world desires with you.  Make
humanity's desire your own and work
for it.  There you cannot fail.

                                       - Nisargadatta Maharaj

"I Am That"
Posted to Along The Way

All Together Now

The more you can come to see everyone as yourself, the more you will be able to use everything around you to learn about who you are, and the more you will be able to transform yourself and be an occasion for everyone else's transformation. We are all sentient beings, and we are all capable of experiencing one another's salvation. If you are only involved in protecting your small self, you are in constant peril!

–Michael Wenger, from “Competing with the incomparable,” Tricycle, Winter 2004

  "To see everyone as part of the one reality is the characteristic of a jnani."
(Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj)

"There was a man who built a room full of mirrors. He put them on the ceiling, on the walls, and at all angles. He loved to go in the room and see his reflection everywhere. One day, he left the door to this room open and his dog went inside. Immediately it saw what it imagined to be dozens of other dogs all around it. It started running at them, barking and fighting, becoming more and more exhausted until finally it fell down and died . .  

It is the nature of divine sight to see all beings as parts of the same reality, and so the jnani (realized person) thinks "Everyone is myself. I see myself everywhere I look." The ego, on the other hand, is like the dog. It sees others as separate and as potentially hostile. The sense of separation creates fear, which leads to aggression. There is no peace for the ego, or for a world in which the ego is dominant."

Himachal Pradesh.

posted by Tom McFerran  


Within a circle of one meter
You sit, pray and sing,

Within a shelter ten meters large
You sleep well, rain sounds a lullaby.

Within a field a hundred meters large
Raise rice and goats.

Within a valley a thousand meters large
Gather firewood, water, wild vegetables and Amanitas.

Within a forest ten kilometers large
Play with raccoons, hawks,
Poison snakes and butterflies.

Mountainous country Shinano
A hundred kilometers large
Where someone lives leisurely, they say.

Within a circle ten thousand kilometers large
Go to see the southern coral reef in summer
Or winter drifting ices in the sea of Okhotsk.

Within a circle ten thousand kilometers large
Swimming in the sea of shooting stars.

Within a circle a million kilometers large
Upon the spaced-out yellow mustard blossoms
The moon in the east, the sun west.

Within a circle ten billion kilometers large
Pop far out of the solar system mandala.

Within a circle ten thousand light years large
The Galaxy full blooming in spring.

Within a circle one billion light years large
Andromeda is melting away into snowing cherry flowers.

Now within a circle ten billion light years large
All thoughts of time, space are burnt away

There again you sit, pray and sing
You sit, pray and sing.

from Break The Mirror
by Nanao Sakaki

Alan Larus


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