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#3694 - Friday, October 23, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -  

[Ed Note: I will be taking a month's absence from the internet after today, but Jerry and Mark will cover my days. My best wishes to all.]  

 At the recent, sold-out Peace Summit in Vancouver, His Holiness the Dalai
Lama made a proclamation that stunned the crowd:

"The world will be saved by the western woman."

  Women On The Edge Of Evolution Source:   

This Fall, join 14 of the world's leading female spiritual luminaries, thinkers and agents of change for an unprecedented conversation. Free TeleSeminar, may be listened to online at anytime, but you need to sign up.  


"Gone to the beyond of becoming,
 you let go of in front,
 let go of behind,
 let go of between.
With a heart everywhere let-go,
you don't come again to birth & aging."


posted to Daily Dharma by Bill Kelley

A reader named Steve sent this ringing endorsement, so I asked Rob to select some quotes from her extensive website.

"After almost 40 years of "spiritual seeking" ( which I'm almost embarrassed to admit), I've recently come across who I think is the best teacher, with the simplest, most effective teaching, on the planet. And I don't remember ever seeing a mention of her on ND Highlights. Her name is Candice O"Denver, and she's the founder of Great Freedom."


“All kinds of seemingly opposing things can come up— illness, death, disaster, terrorism, praise, success, and joy. Great equanimity means being at ease in the face of all these appearances. When nothing can affect our well- being, then we truly have a choice in life.”


Candice O'Denver



“Awareness is complete perceptual openness in all experience. It is freedom in immediate perception rather than being focused on stories. The whole field of perception opens up in timeless awareness to include all perceptions. We may find ourselves having a lot of thoughts and a lot of emotions, even very strong emotions that we could have never tolerated before we began gaining confidence in awareness. This is the source of compassion : to allow everything about ourselves to be as it is.”

Great Freedom


“One moment of instantaneous awareness brings more clarity than a lifetime of contrived meditation. That one moment of instantaneous awareness introduces us to that about ourselves that will never change. In this sense, every moment would be the ultimate meditation, no matter what the moment may contain.”


Candice O'Denver



“As a human being, I have a choice to make that is the most important of all choices. It is the choice of how I use my awareness. I choose the way my awareness describes everything. Everything my awareness describes is a point of view of my own awareness. Awareness contains all points of view. Just as colors are inseparable from a rainbow, points of view are inseparable from awareness.”

Quotes selected by:

Rob Matthews

Mumonkan Centre

non dual teaching for all


Boogie Street   O Crown of Light, O Darkened One,
I never thought we’d meet.
You kiss my lips, and then it’s done:
I’m back on Boogie Street.

A sip of wine, a cigarette,
And then it’s time to go.
I tidied up the kitchenette;
I tuned the old banjo.
I’m wanted at the traffic-jam.
They’re saving me a seat.
I’m what I am, and what I am,
Is back on Boogie Street.

And O my love, I still recall
The pleasures that we knew;
The rivers and the waterfall,
Wherein I bathed with you.
Bewildered by your beauty there,
I’d kneel to dry your feet.
By such instructions you prepare
A man for Boogie Street.

O Crown of Light, O Darkened One…

So come, my friends, be not afraid.
We are so lightly here.
It is in love that we are made;
In love we disappear.
Tho’ all the maps of blood and flesh
Are posted on the door,
There’s no one who has told us yet
What Boogie Street is for.

O Crown of Light, O Darkened One,
I never thought we’d meet.
You kiss my lips, and then it’s done:
I’m back on Boogie Street.

A sip of wine, a cigarette,
And then it’s time to go . . .  

Leonard Cohen


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