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#3698 - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Some more notes on the conference I attended this past weekend, as well as notes on other gatherings.    

The Science and Nonduality Conference 2009, held this past weekend, was not only about speakers. "

Heather Munro Pierce leads her signature modality in the Experiential Room hosted by Conscious Dancer Magazine, Oct. 25, 2009."      

A few excerpts from my notebook kept at the Science and Nonduality Conference:  

Stephen Wolinsky  

"The no state stateless state. Notice it. ... Notice the stateless state of not depending upon thoughts, memories, associations, perceptions... Notice how the stillness appears to go on forever. ... Realize you are conscious of that stillness ... just be the consciousness. ... What would you have to unpack if there was no purpose?"   Wolinsky said the his teacher, Nisargadatta Maharaj, was a Zen master of the highest order. Nisargadatta said that spirituality is about realizing who you are not. Through neti-neti you realize who you are. He also said that everything Nisargadatta gave was a thorn, a thorn that would pluck out the thorn causing suffering and pain.  

Amrit Goswami  

His turning point in life was when he was suffering and suddenly asked himself, "Why do I live this way?" In that instant he knew he was changed.  

Greg Goode  

"Do you see anything that separates seeing from you? ... There are no "sides" just open presence. ... No containment going on in our experience. ... Thoughts that say there are borders have no borders, no containment. ... The notion of containment arises in the sea of the uncontained. ... Are you perceiving me as though I'm a container?  

Jody Radzik  

"Anything you think about nondual realization is wrong. ... Everyone is in nondual awareness right now. ... You're never closer to or further away from nondual realization. ... Images of nonduality are the biggest occlusion. ... The actual is always present as pure awareness. ... Grace is how the recognition happens. ... Give up the search, not the practice. ... Cognitive neuroscience is the most important field right now. ... Reason is a veneer and a crude tool."      

At the Conference I got the hint that nonduality is starting to creep into the traditional colleges and universities. If there's still such a thing as the "college circuit" (I'm totally out of that loop), speakers and teachers might be thinking about tapping into it. However, it's not yet clear to me whether that movement is going to take off or what. Nor does anyone know what form nonduality will take in the universities. Probably new versions of the teaching and new teachers will emerge along with freshly influenced creative works, expressions of activism, and psychological studies, and god knows what else since all fields of knowledge could be influenced.    

A nonduality conference/gathering is planned for Calgary in May 2010. Stay tuned for dates and details. Reply to this email and I'll put you on the mailing list.  

We're holding a gathering in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on November 14. For details visit

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