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#3731 - Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Cory Bright is interviewed by Richard Miller:  

I like how Cory handles himself around the erratic and watchable Richard Miller, and how he talks about groups, gatherings, trends in nonduality.    

Excerpts from an interview with Jerry Katz by Paula Marvelly  

Q. What shades of teaching do you offer on your site?

Everything. My earliest offerings were the website and Nonduality Salon the email forum. All views are welcome on both the website and email forum. Lately I also got into blogging, at And for the last ten years we’ve been putting out a daily newsletter, the Nonduality Highlights. My co-editors are two brilliant amazing people, Gloria Lee and Mark Otter.

When I first started the Nonduality Salon email list there was a guy who was a Satan worshipper, who was into nonduality. I didn’t want to encourage the guy but he was there! So I invite all expressions, not just from the Hindu tradition or Neo Advaita but also Buddhism, nondual Judaism, everything.

Q. There are so many view points being posited at this conference – Quantum Mechanics, Nondual Judaism, etc. Where do you see this all going?

It is going somewhere! In the last year, nonduality has become like a mothership, it has a form to it, a coherence. I was talking to someone who ran a conference last year on nonduality and we were talking about how so much has changed from last October to this October. Things are coming together more. There are more organizers of nonduality and they themselves are organizing and working together. There’s a great fusion happening, so there’s this feel of a mothership of nonduality.

But where’s it going? We’re talking about global transformation. I was never a transformation guy – you know, save the world, change the world. It’s never been my thing but I think it’s happening, that’s what the nonduality mothership stands for and is bringing about in some way.

Nonduality will spread more and more and it’s going to change the way people live and work. Something I’m hearing at this conference is that people are attending for the purpose of learning how to do their jobs differently.

~ ~ ~

Read the entire interview:



Phil Cousins, didgideroo player, writes about his musical contribution to Nonduality Satsang held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 14, 2009.

Accompanying drumming by Struan Ford and Phil’s son Avalon.

[Nonduality Satsang ] was a very interesting melting pot of souls and the other presenters had some great jewels of wisdom to share.  I’m into that kind of collaboration between different spiritual communities that I think has a unique quality here in Nova Scotia. Buddhists, pagans, mystical Christians, yogis, poets, musicians and shamen all are barking up the same tree – finding the connection points between the traditions and enjoying their differences is a delicious adventure.

Australian aboriginal legends and art are full of descriptions of the Wandjina, who were the creators of the land and who at one time, lived here on earth with them in what we in the West might call a “Golden Age”.  When it came time for the Wandjina to leave the earth, the aboriginal people were very sad, because they knew things would be different and they couldn’t bear to be without their friends.  The Wandjina showed them how to make and play the didgeridoo from eucalyptus wood that had been hollowed out by termites.  They said that using the instrument, the people could communicate with the Wandjina whenever they wanted.

The didgeridoo is an instrument that expresses the essence of non-duality.  The instrument  primarily emits a single tone or note, however through subtle movement of the lips and mouth of the player, a whole host of harmonics and overtones can be produced.  This expresses the rainbow of infinite possibilities that is present when we recognize and immerse ourselves in our true, non-dual nature.


Watch an Aboriginal didgeridoo player (a million views and a 5 star rating):



Start checking out OAStudyGroup for Greg Goode's upcoming appearance.


Today, we welcome Greg Goode to the group.

Greg is the founder of the website, the author of Standing as Awareness and a philosophical counselor par excellence.
He has a PHD in philosophy, which allows him to explore many Western resources of non-duality you may not be as familiar with.

Greg's great gift is his ability to demonstrate in clear terms the experience of non duality by positing certain questions designed to assist in your immediate and direct exploration of the True Nature of Reality.

Greg Goode is an expert on the Teachings of Atmananda Krishna Menon, who many consider to be the third titan of 20th Century Indian Spirituality along with Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Atmananda's approach to dismantling the belief in the independent reality of body, mind and world has helped many "object" oriented Westerners to directly experience Advaita.

To get the full impact of Greg's one on one counseling, we recommend that you get and read two things: Standing as Awareness (a copy can be ordered thru store, or and Notes on Spiritual Discources by Atmananda Krishna Menon ( a free copy is available as a PDF e-book at under Atmananda Krishna Menon Books).

"Standing as Awareness" is a short book of 114 pages and will quickly focus your questions in directions that will be productive for you. The much deeper and complete "Notes on Spiritual Discourses" is considered on the premier books ever written on advaita

Please begin posting your questions now. Those that are familiar with Atmananda and Greg are probably already equipped with some introductory questions.

We hope the experience is enjoyable to all involved.



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